Help Me! I’m Bored! Guide to Weird Websites to Cure Boredom

Weird Websites

Boredom sucks, especially on the Internet during the lockdown, when you’ve watched all the Tik Toks you can and completed all the things to do on your Animal Crossing Island. Fortunately for you, there is a treasure trove of weird websites to check out and cure your boredom. But what exactly are they? And where can you find them? 

This article will talk about the weirdest websites you can find to ensure that you don’t live out a day being bored. And while you’re at it, why not send this article to all your bored Tik Tok friends and family because they are tired of 2020 too!

1. Get your brain swole with brain-testing websites 

Did life suck during your preschool days when you wanted to play but couldn’t because you had to learn numbers and figures? Well, now, you can put your brain to the test without having to feel forced and nagged by your parents. That’s right—we are talking about brain-testing websites! 

Brain-testing websites are like a creative spin on studying because you get to enhance your knowledge and skills without feeling pressured by the school system. You can rage against the machine by showing that learning should be just as fun with weird websites, like this Aboriginal Language Tutorial or The Best Ted Talks Ever.

By the way, send these brain-testing websites to your teachers. It’s time they change their curriculum with these exciting online learning experiences. 

2. Feel better about your worthless, boring life by visiting useless websites

When you feel like your life is pointless and boring, it’s probably due to useless websites that remind you of just how meaningless everything is anyway. Useless websites like Rate My Poop and Barcode Yourself will remind you that you can find meaning even in the most idiotic things. 2020 has already crapped the bed. It’s time for you to revel in your worthless life and find some semblance of meaning (or at least distract yourself with these useless websites to feel less bored). 

3. Get into some strange by shopping for the weirdest finds

Do you have a pile of weirdly wonderful finds? Why not make your wacky home museum of weirdness by curating more weird stuff on the Internet. Think of it as an excuse to get started on your holiday shopping for yourself or for your friends and family. 

For instance, we recommend these weird shopping websites, like Ship Your Enemies Glitter or Play Penny Auctions. These websites debunk the popular saying, “You can’t buy happiness,” because you and your credit card beg to differ! 

4. Get random!

Curing boredom can take some randomness and willingness to try new things. That’s why we made the Hit Me With A Random Website Feature. The search results are entirely random each time, meaning you and your friends can try it out and get your boredom cured randomly by a few weirdly satisfying websites. Heck, even I, the one writing this article, am not sure what you will get. Give it a try! 


You may be bored, but that is no match for the power of weird websites! You just need to let loose and find the best source online. Take note of all the formerly mentioned different kinds of weird websites and cure your bored ass today! 

Are you bored? Cure your boredom with us at Bored A Lot. We can provide you with many weird websites to help you and your friends get excited over the Internet. Make web browsing great again by looking through our weird listicle of websites today! 

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