3 Ways to Use Boredom to Boost Your Personal Productivity


Many people associate boredom as a creativity killer, one that puts people in a mental rut. It introduces a sense of restlessness that makes it difficult to focus, sit still, or enjoy the slow moment, but boredom actually plays a pivotal role in inspiring brilliance in people.

Now that all the tasks in your checklist are done, and you have nothing better to do for the next few hours, boredom creates the opportunity to pick up a new hobby, activity, and other curiosities you’ve always wanted to explore. If you want to take full advantage of what boredom can offer, consider the tips below: 

Tip #1: Stay Away from Distractions 

There’s nothing wrong with sitting back and relaxing while you’re bored, but if you want to achieve something fruitful out of this quiet moment, it’s best to stay away from unhealthy distractions. 

It’s tempting to scroll through your social media to escape your idleness, but going online to mindlessly update your feed will only leave you more prone to feelings of restlessness. This droning activity can prevent your mind from wandering, which means you’ll be missing out on discovering new ideas. 

Tip #2: Try Something New 

When boredom hits you in the day and you find yourself creeping into an afternoon slump, nothing can get your mind refreshed than using your extra energy to try a new activity. Think about what you always wanted to try and see if the situation allows you to dip your toes into it.

Instead of whipping out your phone, embrace your need to become spontaneous and take action! Whether it’s to go to the gym, pick up a new instrument, or even catch up with friends, it helps to walk the walk when you’re tired of talking your way out of moving forward with your personal goals. 

Tip #3: Use Boredom as a Time to Reflect 

Taking the time to get lost in your thoughts doesn’t mean you’re bored. Instead, you’re using boredom to allow yourself to reflect, which can increase your self-awareness in more ways than one. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Ways to Take Advantage of Your Boredom and How it’s the Key to Unlocking Your Creativity 

If you’re waiting for inspiration to strike, then you may be surprised to find boredom as one of the leading muses that can encourage you to take action. It allows the mind to wander, leading you to opportunities to explore your creativity, meditate, or find clarity. 

When done right, boredom can do wonders for laying down the foundation of your personal productivity, making it an excellent source of happiness. After all, there’s always a calm before the storm, and boredom is the quiet moment that fuels your pursuit for stimulation. 

How Can We Help Kill Your Boredom?

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