5 Fun Games To Play to Make Your Car Rides More Fun

5 Fun Games To Play

What does your family do during long car rides? How do you pass the time? There are many things you can do to keep boredom at bay! You can sing songs, listen to a podcast, or eat snacks and enjoy the ride. But what happens after all the snacks run out, and you have sung all the nursery rhymes with your toddlers already? What do you do then?

Top Five Fun Games To Play During Long Drives 

If you are driving cross-country or if you just want to add an element of fun during the daily car ride with your family, here are a few fun ideas for you to try! 

1 – Spot That Car Color 

The name of this game is somewhat self-explanatory. The first thing you need to do is agree on a specific car color to spot. Then, you will each try to spot cars with that color before anyone else. The person with the most number of cars spotted wins! 

2 – I Spy 

I spy is a game that has been played since time immemorial. One person will look for things to “spy” (meaning to find) and give clues as to what that object is. For example, if you want them to spot a large sign with a banana on it, you can say, “I spy with my little eye something yellow.” 

3 – Name That Tune 

You need to crank out your music player when you play this game. To play, you need to play the first few seconds of a certain song. It will be more fun if you play a part of the song that isn’t the intro. Most people may find it easy to guess the song if it is a song that they know well. But if it is a song you don’t know by heart, the tune can sound strangely familiar but very challenging to guess! 

4 – 20 Questions (Guess Who) 

20 questions or The Guess Who game involves getting people to guess the name of the person you are thinking about at that particular moment. The other people in the car with you can ask up to 20 questions while trying to guess who you are thinking about. If they are unable to guess and they have exhausted the 20 questions, you will have won the game! You can think about movie stars, singers, or any other famous person!  

5 – Hold your Breath 

This game is fun to play when you pass through tunnels or over bridges, especially if the tunnel or bridge is exceptionally long! This can be a challenge for little kids, but it can be fun for them to try. You can tell your children that if they are able to hold their breath until the other side of the tunnel or bridge, they can make a wish. 

Make Car Rides More Fun! 

Having an activity to do while in the car will make the family look forward to car rides even more. It will give the family a better chance to bond because laughter makes everything better. Instead of saying “I’m bored,” get the better of your boredom by playing fun games with your family!

If you want more games to try, check out our other posts. We have countless online games, puzzles, random websites—everything you would want to help you pass the time! If you want to add a little fun into your boring routine, try some of the fun stuff we have! 

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