3 Jackbox Games to Spice Up Your Zoom Parties

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The ongoing pandemic continues to put a wrench on people’s plans, and while coronavirus remains a downer, the human mind is resilient and resourceful. In a time of physical isolation, digital channels like Zoom make it possible to have fun even when everyone is miles apart from each other. 

Virtual parties are all-the-rage in a contactless world, and to beat the rising cabin fever, family-friendly, online party games like Jackbox serve as a silver lining that can bring people together despite social distancing. There’s one for every mood, player, and theme, so play around with different titles below and maximize your fun behind the screen:

1. Fibbage

Trivia games can often be a hit or miss. Sometimes the topic can be so obscure, resulting in seconds of awkward silences that often feel longer when it’s over Zoom. When it comes to Fibbage, it takes all the thrill of traditional trivia games and turns up the fun up to eleven since it focuses on interaction more than getting the right answers. 

It’s a test of wordplay and persuasion skills as people who tell the most convincing lies earn the most points, making it a highly engaging and entertaining trivia game where everyone in the meeting can chip in. It’s all about building relationships and letting loose, so you don’t need to worry about having to keep up with “did-you-know” facts when playing a round of Fibbage.

2. Quiplash 

A game that highlights unabashed creativity, Quiplash is designed to bring out some laughs by building on inside jokes, witty remarks, and other imaginative quips. It doesn’t require you to exercise your brain cells since the game is all about getting the most laughter out of your peers, so reaching the top requires a little bit of confidence if you want your answers to stand out from the crowd. 

Out of all the Jackbox games, Quiplash is definitely the type of chill game that can have everyone on-call in a high mood, so it’s definitely worth adding to your virtual party bucket list.

3. Split the Room 

If you’re in the mood for sparking debate in your team, then Split the Room is the kind of game that inspires high-octane energy since it requires every single person to back up their votes. It works similarly to Quiplash, but instead of earning points for being the wittiest, every player needs to earn the hearts of people in the call to gather as much confidence in their votes. 

Just as the moniker suggests, it’s a dog-eat-dog kind of game that pits everyone against each other, all in good fun. 

The Bottom Line: Beating Your Boredom With Online Games for Every Type of Gamer

In a time when most people are home-bound, finding ways to elevate Zoom meetings is a must if you want to beat your boredom. Happy hour may not be the same as it once was, but experimenting with Jackbox games can do wonders for kicking your online interactions up a notch! 

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