Ways That You Can Use Boredom to Improve Your Career

things to do when bored

When boredom strikes, there are a number of ways to go about dealing with it. Some people choose video games, some people scroll through social media, and others just turn over and sleep. While those are all valid, did you know that you can actually use that for your career?

Here are some things you can do when to improve your career in your idle time:

Plan for that promotion at work

It’s worth noting that if you have to ask for it, you’re probably already behind on a promotion! There are crucial factors that play a role in helping a person get promoted, among which are:

  • Being consistent in delivering on your goals;
  • Being timely in delivering your work output; and
  • Making sure your goals are delivered properly, with integrity and professionalism.

Take a look at what you’ve achieved so far, and see what it is you can do to improve. Don’t just focus on one aspect of your job or yourself. It could very well be a combination of things that will become the key to achieving the next level in your career.

Pick up some new skills for your job

Several people have jobs that need skills which they don’t have a good grasp of. Think of things that you’ve always wanted to learn or study further. Analyzing finances, scouring investments, designing websites, formatting and writing business plans, getting a certification of some sort, writing articles, or writing computer code—whatever it is, go for it! There’s no better time than the present. With the advancement of technology, it’s rather convenient to sign up for all of that online.

If your spare hours add up to a considerable chunk of time, then go ahead and talk to your boss. He or she will likely be able to suggest what direction you can take and which job skills require improvement. 

There are multiple resources online that aim to help with job skills. Some of them are Code Academy, Coursera, EdX, Khan Academy, and LinkedIn Learning. Aside from your performance at work improving, you will also be able to give your resume more strength. Make the most of those resources and upskill today! 

Read relevant books and listen to relevant audiobooks

It’s actually possible to learn at a full MBA level in a single day. There are a lot of audiobooks in the market that can be particularly helpful in this effort. 

The best thing about audiobooks is you can listen to them throughout the course of your day, even while taking a walk or doing chores. You can also curl up in bed or on your couch with the books and gain new learnings while idling!


Boredom can be an avenue to so many things. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that all those moments of boredom can actually be used to help your career improve! You can pick up some new skills for your job, read relevant books, listen to relevant audiobooks, and even sit down to craft a plan as to how you’ll get promoted.

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