4 Games to Play With Your Kids When You’re Bored Beyond Belief

Bored Beyond Belief

There’ll be days when we have no choice but to stay home. The problem with that is, we have this fixed mindset that the activities we can do are limited. This is why staying home can be challenging, especially if you’re used to going outside. 

Since the quarantine started, everyone has been practicing social distancing. Although in some places, more people would rather stay in the safety of their homes even if restrictions are looser. This is especially true for those with children at home. Being a parent and keeping your kids entertained can be difficult. Thankfully, going outside for a walk to get some air is alright, as long as you continue to practice social distancing and make sure you’re wearing masks. Because of this, we came up with fun games you can play with your kids when you’re bored and running out of things to do at home.

1. The Bear Hunt

Inspired by the charming children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, the bear hunt is a fun game you and your kids can play when you go out for a walk. 

Before going out, send a message to your neighborhood friends to place a bear out of their window, porch, or yard. While you and your child walk around the streets, find all the bears and remember their colors and sizes. This is a fun game similar to I-Spy that can help keep your kid engaged throughout the walk.

2.Street Photographer

Another fun game you and your kids can play is to pretend to be a photographer. Before leaving the house, agree with a theme with your kids that they should take pictures of. For example, your theme could be “A Story of the Color Yellow,” and they’ll have to take pictures of yellow things.

After your walk, upload the pictures and ask your friends to vote for the best ones. You can even make categories like “The silliest yellow object” or “The prettiest yellow flower.” This will encourage your kids to stretch their imagination and be more conscious of the things surrounding them.

3. Chalk Your Walk

When you hear your kids say, “I’m bored,” you know it’s time to do something interactive and fun. Staying inside can be draining for you and your kids, so you should squeeze in an hour a day to walk outside and get fresh air. 

One thing you can do is to bring sidewalk chalk and write encouraging messages to your neighbors. By letting your neighbors you’re thinking of them, you’re teaching your kids to empathize and to be more compassionate towards other people. Not only will this make you and your kids happy, but it will make your neighbors’ hearts full.

4. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

If you don’t want to go out, why not make a new world inside your home? Bring out washable paint and other decorations, and make decorating your home a fun time with your kids.

To play this activity, you and your kids should think of a theme that will transform your space. For example, you can go for an “underwater camping site.” With this theme, you can paint your windows blue and add some fish, put up blanket tents, and wear your swimwear. This is a great way to not only entertain your kids, but also transform your space and see it in another light.

Bonus: Quick Screen Time

Sometimes, one of the best ways to keep you and your kids entertained is to play free online games. Most websites offer kid-friendly games that you and your little ones can play when you’re bored beyond belief. You can look for educational games so that you can squeeze in some lessons while they’re having fun. 


When you’re bored at home, it’s time to flex your imagination and think of ways to keep you and your kids entertained. These kid-friendly games will encourage your kids to think out of the box and work their creative skills while practicing social distancing. Gone are the days when you can’t think of things to do at home. Take a breather, go for a walk, get inspired, and create fun games for you and your kids!

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