We have found an epic selection of online games instead of just surfing the videos on YouTube, which helps you make your arrows boring. Be careful not to sweep into this tourbillon where time suddenly seems to rush by and where bosses live.

Here are some of the best bored games that you can play when you’re bored.

1. Daymare Town Series

The series Daymare town is a unique collection of mysterious puzzle games by Mateusz Skutnik, featuring a bizarre type of horror. This collection includes unbelievably disturbing artworks and soundtrack. As the player, the goal of the game is to escape the city in which you are stuck. It’s very crapy and great fun, check it out.

2. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

The aim of the game is funny. You play Karoshi, an unwilling office worker who tries in the most imaginative methods to commit suicide. You begin the game with 50 lives and aim at finding ways to murder yourself on every stage. Play this strange puzzle game partly because you’re probably talking about it.

3. Crash Planning

Crash Planning is an incredible office game, particularly because you can play under the nose of your boss. Don’t you believe me? Don’t you believe me? Check it out, because the Office Excel sheet appears like and your main purpose is to align colored comparable boxes to make them disappear.

4. Snow Line

We’re not waiting till Christmas for the game since it’s as worsening as it is genius. This logical and skillful match needs that you draw a snow line on the screen to slide across Santa’s sleigh. Pay attention to the slopes you make since this pulls you into the sleigh. You can play it now.

5. The Maze

It certainly is freaky. The Maze, based on Christopher Manson’s book The Maze, is a puzzle game. Every page, like a book in a simple text style, refers to a door in the labyrinth that opens on the various pages of the book. Your goal is to discover your way along the shortest route from page 1 to page 45. Have fun. Have fun, have fun.

6. Type Racer

If you have spent the best part of your life on computers, this is your game. Imagine a quick-type game. Boring? Heck no.  The game lets you write a short passage to write a word as quickly as possible while racing against other online players. Check your typing skills for the next step.

7. Gold Panic

Gold Panic is a basic puzzle game like a labyrinth that demands that you take a path into a mine and put gold on a cart where you can pick up it. The game is an unending supply of time and fun. When you’re bored, you can play the game.

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