Help! I’m Trapped in a Boring Situation: 5 Tips to Have Fun

Trapped in a Boring Situation

Unfortunately, not all situations in life are going to be fun. You will encounter many boring times, such as a college lecture, a corporate job, and your mom’s next book club meeting. 

At first, you may not mind a few seconds or minutes of boredom, but what about situations that seem to last forever? That’s why you need to know what you can do to find fun during these boring situations. That way, you can prevent the fun from getting sucked out of your soul.  

This article will provide you with five tips to help you get some fun out of any boring situation. Share these tips with your friends and family to ensure that no one you know and love will ever lose sight of having fun, no matter what!

1. Make up an emergency 

One of the first things you need to do when you are in a boring situation is to escape. You don’t have to prolong the agony. All you have to do is practice your poker face and lie with a fake emergency. 

You can provide a fake emergency that is considered very tame or believable, like your house is on fire or that you have to go to the hospital to accompany your pregnant sister. These will get you out of any boring situation. 

However, the best fake emergencies to get away with are the ones that are so unbelievable and out there, like you have to save the world from Shrek, or you need to protect Trump from a ghost. That way, you can leave the boring situation in style and find fun elsewhere.  

2. Text your friends to rescue you 

You may have friends who owe you a favor, which is their chance to pay you back. You may also just have genuinely good friends who support you no matter what. Thankfully, you can use them to your advantage.

Text your friends that you need to be rescued from a boring situation. Ask them to go to you and make up excuses to get you out of there. Remember, though—text your extroverted friends who have social skills to negotiate with people because introverts may not be as reliable.  

3. Try to look for things to distract you from the boredom 

The great thing about having eyes to see is there are visual distractions around you. You just have to find the ideal distraction that will enable you to have some visual fun as you endure any boring situation. 

For instance, try to look for any weird-looking pictures or objects in your surroundings. You can focus on these things until the whole boring ordeal is over. Just make sure you have backup visual distractions because you may get bored by the visual distractions (wow, how meta).

4. Pretend to faint 

Fainting is a great way to escape any boring situation because you won’t have to waste your energy. People will carry you out and bring you somewhere safe. But you need to be careful because they may carry you to the hospital and have to make up a dumb excuse why you suddenly fainted. So unless you have a foolproof excuse, don’t fake fainting!

5. Request to go to the bathroom 

By far, this tip is the best way to find some fun in any boring situation. All you have to do is say you have to go to the bathroom, find an empty bathroom stall, and play free games online. When people ask why you took so long in the bathroom, just say some gross, poop-related reason that will gross them out and stop asking any further questions—the perfect alibi! 


Life can get boring, but there are ways to find fun in these kinds of situations. You just need to remember all the previously mentioned tips to plot your graceful exit. Kill boredom today! 

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