5 Fun and Free Things to Do at Your Next Virtual Hangout

Fun and Free Things to Do at Your Next Virtual Hangout

Nowadays, virtual meetings are the only way to get together with your friends. While seeing each other over Zoom or Google Meet gives you the chance to catch up and stay connected, nothing will replace the spontaneity and excitement of hanging out in person. 

When you see your friends in real life you bond over shared experiences by eating, visiting interesting places, or even working out together. Online, there are limited opportunities to connect with one another. Digital meetings can’t replace the real thing, but at least when you are bored, it is easier to invite friends to hang out. 

Since we can only meet in virtual spaces, for now, we can look for ways to make the experience a little more enjoyable. If you and your friends are bored and are looking for what to do in your next digital hangout, here are several games you can play that won’t break the bank:

  • Pictionary

A classic parlor game, Pictionary can be played with or without the app. In the low-grade version, you can divide everyone into teams and use the Zoom whiteboard to draw your pictures. Unlike how the game is traditionally played, teams will compete against one another to be the fastest to shout out the correct answer. Representatives can take turns drawing the visual clues. At the end of the game, the team with the most number of correct answers wins.

  • QuizUp

If you and your friends like trivia games, QuizUp might tickle your fancies. You can play against one another in real-time, competing to win seven rounds of multiple-choice questions about anything and everything under the sun. One user usually chooses the main topic from a database of over 1000 categories. 

  • Kahoot

Kahoot is a game that requires a little more preparation. It’s perfect for family reunions, bridal showers, or gender reveal parties. On the free version, you can invite up to seven participants to answer multiple-choice questions with answers that you supply. You can race against one another to be the fastest to answer trivia about your guest of honor. A word of warning, Kahoot can get participants riled up and extra-competitive, and you might find yourself scheduling rematches. 

  • Virtual karaoke bar

Another activity that won’t require a lot of preparation and set-up is virtual karaoke. YouTube hosts tons of free videos that have minus-one tracks and lyrics on display. The lucky singer can share his or her screen to allow everyone to sing along. To make things a little more interesting, participants can hold up scorecards after each song for some unnecessary validation. 

  • Crossword puzzle collaboration

Answering a crossword puzzle together can be a more laid-back activity that you can play in passing. Simply share your screen and fill up the puzzle in between sips of wine or shots of whiskey. You can collaborate or debate your way through The New York Times or USA Today’s daily puzzles. If your lot isn’t the competitive type, but you don’t want the call to be boring–this might be the right activity for you.

While the pandemic continues to keep most of us apart, we can look for ways to make our online interactions a little more fun. You won’t need to spend on digital games or subscriptions to keep your hangouts interesting. Most often, the simplest games with minimal preparation set the stage for maximum fun.

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