Surviving COVID-19 How Playfulness Relieves Boredom

Surviving Boredom

Staying in quarantine during the pandemic is one of the leading causes of boredom to people across the world. Although it can seem like a simple problem to fix, the dangers of boredom can turn into a dangerous threat to various pandemic-related safety policies. Many people point to boredom as a privileged state of mind. However, its impact on other facets of our lives is becoming more apparent now more than ever.

The danger of being dull

The issue with boredom is that it causes us to be mindless and unpleasant. It can go from anything to being antisocial to eliciting bursts of unhealthy behavior. Since people have to stay in their homes, many people have to follow many strict rules for their own safety.

With the lack of physical things to do at home and the long period of staying isolated, boredom can easily settle in. Because of this, many people are slowly breaking quarantine policies just to get some fresh air. This puts not only themselves but others at risk of contracting the disease.

The remedy to boredom

Staying bored leads you to be unproductive, bringing you into a spiral of self-hate emotions, anxiety, and even depression. Thankfully, boredom’s remedy is cheap and effective. Research shows that playfulness is the missing link to relieve boredom and promote better health. Playfulness isn’t a quirky trait that extroverts have exclusively. New research shows that people can become playful through exercise and routine, just like learning to play an instrument.

The path to being playful

You can develop your playfulness in a wide variety of ways. Thinking tasks can help you increase your mental engagement and improve your brain’s functions. This can be in the form of writing exercises, such as recalling past events or envisioning creative scenarios.

Besides these mental activities, you can also perform physical tasks that engage your mind as well. Solving puzzles and discovering new cooking recipes are practical applications of mind exercises that you can use in real life. The effectiveness of these exercises will depend on how well you can integrate them into your daily routines.

The benefits of being playful

The best thing about playfulness exercises is that you don’t need a complicated or expensive setup to do them. All you need are the safety of your mind and the willingness to explore your creativity.

People who develop their playfulness develop a better state of mind and are in a greater mood. This is an important thing to have, especially while you’re stuck in quarantine. If you’re living with people in your house, you can perform these playfulness exercises with them. Doing so will help you heal each other and increase your happiness levels.


Being stuck in quarantine is a gruelling sentence for all of us, even for those who like being indoors. The restrictions of not being able to go outside can drive a person mad, dull, or both. This is why you should learn how to take care of your physical and mental state while the whole world is healing. Developing your playfulness is an excellent way to keep your mind preoccupied and healthy while observing physical distancing protocols.

Keeping your mind engaged is way easier today with the power of the internet. If you’re looking for a site with random online games to play when bored, we have tons of that for you! Check out our blog for more games, tips, activities, and other things to keep your boredom away!

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