How to Beat Deployment Downtime Boredom - Our Guide

Deployment downtime boredom

For the few and the proud, nothing is more boring than sitting through downtimes during deployment. Whether you find yourself in the Middle East, Asia, or wherever the government decides to take you, we all thank you for your service. With boredom being a mainstay in everyone’s lives, passing the time and having a fun way to do so is a must to stay sane while miles away from home. 

When you’re deployed, there are plenty of things to do to kill time. You can entertain yourself with your digital devices or by screwing around with your buddies at the base (provided you don’t get into huge trouble). Having a good set of friends to watch your six and even do stupid things towards your twelve with is always great, so here are some ways to remove your boredom during downtimes of deployment:

Prepare a Care Package Before You Leave

A week or so before you leave, you can put together some cool stuff to help you when you get to your area of operation. Put your favorite snacks, sports items like a football, an instrument, a video game console, and anything else you might miss from home. You’ll likely be out there for a while, so packing a box full of fun stuff from home before you leave can help curb boredom. Additionally, you can tell your friend or significant other to send it randomly, so you’ll be in for a surprise when it arrives at the sorting facility of the base. 

Learn an Instrument

There is always going to be a great musician in your unit, so perhaps you can take the time to learn your favorite song or guitar riff. When you are looking for something to do when bored, it helps to be resourceful and learn new skills or hobbies. Besides, who doesn’t love karaoke before lights out with the boys?

Take Videos of “Office Pranks”

As a soldier, you are also part of the workforce. In your case, your office is an unorthodox one that involves plenty of strength, discipline, and dangerous equipment. There are plenty of fun pranks you can pull on your buddies, and you can even take videos of these and post them on YouTube. Think of that time wherein a military division did a Harlem Shake video, and it went viral. Who knows, maybe your unit can be the next YouTube sensation. Be sure that what you’re doing isn’t illegal or covered under OpSec, and that you do the office pranks to the right people (please, not the CO). 

Video Game Challenges With Your Friends

Bringing a gaming console with you to deployment is a fun way to pass downtimes when boredom strikes. Fire up an Xbox One with a sports game of your choice, make bets, and have lots of fun. Even if you have never touched a console before, deployment’s downtimes are numerous and will likely have you becoming a professional gamer. It can become a fun platform to bond with your squadmates and see who exactly is the best at Madden, NBA 2K, or even 1v1 matches in Call of Duty. 

Take Walks With Music

With your phone loaded with a library of good songs, take advantage of your day off by touring the base or even the local areas if the area of operations is safe enough. Make sure you return promptly to avoid getting into trouble, though. 


Sometimes, deployment can be boring, except for those assigned to a war zone. In these cases, it’s best to use your downtimes wisely by having as much fun as possible while being responsible and safe. The important thing is to have a great time with your buddies, as the ones watching your six are your brothers forever.

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