5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Mealtime

5 ideas to spice up your mealtime

With most of the world sheltering-in-place, people have been spending most of their time at home. This can make things boring fast since there aren’t as many things to do anymore. Chores and regular routines have become even more tedious and repetitive especially since there’s no opportunity for a change of scenery.

Not all hope is lost, though—there are plenty of ways to make even the most mundane activities exciting, like mealtimes! For those looking to spice up their dinners, whether it’s by yourself or with your family, here are five ideas to get creative with your mealtime setups:

Getting Artistic

If you’re cooking something that involves a significant amount of waiting, then that’s the perfect opportunity to break out some craft paper and coloring materials. It could be your makeshift placemat like what they do in family friendly restaurants, or you could begin a competitive game of hangman. You could even have a mini competition with your household to see who draws the most accurate image of the meal they’re thinking of, and the winner gets extra servings of dessert!

Dining by Candlelight

A quick and easy way to jazz up your mealtime is by turning the lights off and lighting up your candles. You can even level up your dinnerware by putting juice in wine glasses or champagne flutes and put up soft jazz to pretend you’re at a fancy restaurant. If you have younger members of the household with you, such as teenagers, you can use this opportunity to exchange urban legends about your neighborhood or even their best ghost stories.

Camping Out

This would work great if you have a garden or basement to work with. If not, your living room is just fine! Sometimes a change of scenery is what you need to make things more exciting, and that can be as simple as changing the place you take your meals in. Take out a picnic blanket and some comfy pillows and arrange them for optimal coziness. Bring out the camping cutlery, like paper plates and plastic forks, to add to the camping atmosphere. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even put up a tent!

Cinema Dining

Putting up a movie is a great way to gather everyone for a meal and enjoy it together. You can even schedule this once a week so you and your household can have something to look forward to! Each member of the household will have their turn at picking a movie, which is great for others to expand their movie preferences. It would be handy to have some cinema snacks too, like popcorn and soda!


An exciting way to spice up your mealtime is by having everyone in the household put their own meals together. Simply lay out the ingredients on the table to allow them to create a meal to their specific tastes. This can range from making your own taco and pizza to making your own sundae! 

If you’ve been hoping to feed your household healthier food, this is also a great way to introduce it through food they love to eat. Swab the ice cream for the sundae-making with yoghurt, and substitute chocolate chips and sprinkles for dried fruit and nuts.


Being confined to one space has its drawbacks, but it also encourages creativity and innovation to make the most out of sheltering-in-place! With these tips, your mealtimes are guaranteed to be more exciting and colorful. Boring will be a thing of the past.

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