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Our Guide to Finding the Fun in Your Menial Tasks Online

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In a fast-paced world where people are always busy, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce and feel boredom strike along the way. The arduous hours working on a task at work can break your stride and lose your luster, but there is also brilliance in boredom if you know where to look.  

If you’re looking to give your mind a break and shake off the boredom, the list below should help you break the ice with the best humor the internet has to offer:

Tip #1: Take a Break From Serious News 


Whether it’s on people’s feeds or the talk of the town at work, many are engaged in the minute-to-minute news cycles, which can often feel exhausting. While staying on top of events is important, taking the time to let loose is just as crucial as it helps mitigate anxiety and stress. 

Reading up on quality satire from The Onion, for instance, can help you shed some light on the benefits of fake news. Reading up on articles that make fun of everything under the sun can help put things in perspective and encourage you to take a step when you feel too overwhelmed at work. 


Tip #2: Make Room for Guilty Pleasures In Between Work 


All work and no play can really kill your creativity, so instead of embracing the buzz-killing mood, why not give yourself the chance to freshen up your mind by indulging in short, guilty pleasures? Taking a break and catching up on the latest comedy skits on YouTube is enough to replenish your creative juices for the day. 

YouTuber’s VSauce, for instance, shares his own quirky discoveries online in their sub-channel, DONGs: Things You Can Do Online Now, Guys. It’s an excellent way to browse through the weirdest sites on the internet, allowing you to slow down your mental crash and bring you back up to speed after spending a good laugh. 


Tip #3: Shift Your Perspective 


Whether it’s to get a breather in between work by looking at weird internet facts or taking a much-needed coffee break, alleviating your boredom is all about shifting your perspective.


The Bottom Line: How Can Boredom be a Good Thing? 


People feel bored when they are searching for mental stimulation. It’s easy to think that boredom happens when you’re only idle, but often the best ideas stem from the dissatisfied feeling you get during this unrest. 

Allowing yourself to feel bored can spark creativity, especially when your mental gears start to run as it creates a brief escape from your monotonous task. Speaking of which, daydreaming can bring you closer to unlocking an innovative idea, which is why dealing with boredom often promotes imagination and positive mental health. 

Of course, finding inspiration amidst the boredom isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Sometimes, people need a push – be it in the form of browsing inspirational videos or taking a quick break by finding hidden gems in the digital jungle. 

Looking for things to do when you’re bored? If you’re looking to have some fun online and take a break from your routine, browse our site for some of the funniest, weirdest, and exciting content to alleviate your boredom! 

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