Digital Escapes: 3 Creative Ways to Waste Time Online

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Back in the day, beating boredom was much easier to do. You can call your friends, meet up somewhere close by and spend hours sitting at a restaurant or walking in the park. If sort of a lone wolf, you can grab yourself a drink at the nearest bar or coffee shop and just stay there until you feel like heading home. Nowadays, these activities aren‘t just inaccessible; they’re potentially life-threatening.

Staying indoors is a necessity for some more than most. This is why many facets of our life are adapting to overcome the pandemic’s impact on our daily routines. Although some people are getting used to it, others still struggle to stay comfortable in their own homes.

The wonderful world of the internet

Staying indoors isn’t all that bad. In fact, you don’t have to own expensive gaming equipment or gym gear to stay away from boredom. Having access to the internet is enough to get you off your hours of languishing for something to do.

In this article, we’ll share three creative ways to waste your time online.

1. Play games online with your friends

Staying stuck indoors can be a real bore, but that doesn’t mean you’re left to your own devices. But not everyone has a game console lying in their living room. Sometimes, you just need a quick fix to keep your brain active while hanging out with your friends. Thankfully, there are plenty of multiplayer games you can play on your browser.

Fancy a casual game of Pictionary? Invite your friends for a match on to test your picture-guessing skills. If you’re fast on your fingers and want to try a competitive game of Tetris, create a guest account at TETR.IO and compete with a group of friends or thousands of players worldwide!

2. Write a time-bound letter to your future self

Here’s a wild one, why not spend some of your nights alone to send a letter to yourself in the future? Future Me allows you to automatically receive a letter in your email after 1, 3, or 5 years. Since the pandemic is giving us more time alone with our thoughts, it may help you to channel your feelings to something that your future self will benefit from. It’s an excellent way to reflect on your experiences and discover how your future self may learn from your current state.

3. Find a side hustle

Having idle time is a privilege you can’t waste, especially if you’ve got some skills that can earn you some money remotely. Almost everyone who has the time to spare has a side hustle to add to their monthly income. You can use your extra time to apply yourself to get yourself some extra moolah.

If you don’t know where to start, you can head on to Reddit to find all sorts of places to start your side-hustling journey. The r/TheSideHustle and r/SideProject subreddits can be your gateway to finding like-minded people with similar interests and job pursuits. Who knows, you might land a better job there than what you have now.


People sometimes forget that the internet is a wonderful place that contains a little something for everyone. You can participate in musician-only discord channels, discover home improvement content creators on YouTube, and hang out with casual streamers on Twitch. Boredom should be almost impossible with the number of things you can try and expose yourself to. Know where to look and the doors of the internet will lead you there.

Just because you’re currently stuck indoors doesn’t mean you have to stay dull and boring. At Bored A Lot is your hub for all the things that can keep your boredom away, from informative articles and links to innovative things to do when you’re bored. Check out our blog and start your journey toward the wide and far-from-boring world of the internet!

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