6 Productive Boredom-Busting Tips to Do at Work

Boredom busting tips

With work being very flexible nowadays due to work from home arrangements, there is no doubt that sometimes, it does get boring while waiting for something to happen. Whether you are taking a break from work, expecting a call, or you’ve finished work early, there can be very dull moments throughout the day. As boring as being stuck at home is, the best part is that your boss or manager likely doesn’t know that you’re slacking off or just taking it easy. 

However, working from home and being bored should not be a reason to put off work and do random things. You still need a job to survive and feed yourself, so the safest bet is just to keep working and take short breaks in between. Boredom is boredom, and when you are looking for things to do when bored, why not make these productive things? 

Here are some tips that will help you work better and keep you busy while awaiting a call or while taking your break:

Cleaning Up Your Computer and Optimizing Emails

Your email is probably a cluttered place. After all, who checks the other folders and marks everything as read? Maybe you’ve subscribed to one too many spam websites or signed up to those novelty item shops when you were younger. Either way, it might be time for you to start taking matters into your hands and clean up. Here are things to do with your email for better productivity:

1. Check Spam Folders

Spam folders are grounds that rarely get touched. You might be surprised to find something important there, as the filters are often imperfect and store important emails into this folder. Your family member might have sent an email to you long ago, or there might be a code to a gift certificate from your friend. These make for great surprises overall. 

2. Get Rid Of Random Newsletters

Newsletters from shady companies are bothersome and clutter your inbox. When waiting for a Zoom call, perhaps you can get rid of several useless subscriptions that have filled up your email. It will add some peace, knowing things are more organized.  

3. Fix Your Settings

Some settings might have been changed as updates have rolled out occasionally. Settings for your email might have never even been touched, and you can use a much-needed 10-minute break to explore the tab and toy around with it. 

4. Change Your Inbox Theme

It’s highly likely that your inbox theme might still be the boring white or the boring black one. If you didn’t already know, Gmail has tons of themes that can add a spark to your inbox. A personal favorite is the hacker terminal theme that is reminiscent of hacking console commands in movies. Others include 8-bit video game themed ones and other color combinations to suit a variety of personalities. 

5. Update Your Signatures

Your signature might be outdated, or you might not even have one. Setting the signature to be sent out with each email removes the extra lines you have to type to show people that you are signing off the message. Attached to the bottom of each sent message will be your signature, so update it accordingly. 

6. Clean Your Desktop

A person’s desktop inevitably gets messy at times, and there is no doubt that files will pour in depending on the nature of work. When faced with a few minutes of boring spare time, you can clean up files by making more folders to store the documents properly. A clean and organized desktop makes working much more manageable and can restore peace in daily dealings. 


While we all get bored at work, this does not mean it is an excuse to slack off. Taking a few breaks in between is a norm in 2020’s work from home environment, so use this time productively to optimize your working environment online. Stay productive using these six tips and beat the boredom. 

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