Discovering One's Fortune - A Beginner's Guide to Palm Reading

Palm reading

Wouldn’t it be a wonder to discover what your future holds just by reading the palm of your hands? Or better yet, what if you could determine another person’s future by reading theirs? This is what the magic of palm reading aims to give. Thankfully, you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in reading human biology or supernatural vision to palm read. Through this simple guide, you can understand the basics of what palm marks mean and how to interpret them.

The Act of Reading Palms

Palmistry, or reading palms, is a form of divination that interprets a person’s predestined path. Through reading the physical features of a person, a reader interprets personality characteristics and potential future events. Similar to how ancient civilizations look to the sky for signs for the future, palmistry looks at the microcosm within a person.

The Different Hand Types

Since you’ll be reading the microcosm found in a person, you must consider the different elements that make up the universe. Everything in existence is represented by the four elements: fire, earth, water, and air. These are also represented in hand types, revealing some insight into a person’s personality and future.

In this article, we’ll describe the four different hand types you can encounter.

1. Fire Hands

Fire hands have notably long palms and short fingers, which have distinct creases and defined mounds. People with this hand type are generally passionate, confident, and industrious. They’re typically driven by their desires to achieve what they want. An unfortunate result of this is a lack of tactfulness or empathy toward others.

2. Earth Hands

Earth hands have notably square palms and short fingers that are firm, solid, and fleshy. People with this hand type are objective, practical and logical. Unfortunately, although they’re generally secure and reliable individuals, they can be too consumed with the present. This can prevent them from looking at the future and planning for long-term milestones.

3. Water Hands

Earth hands have notably long palms and long fingers with soft features, resulting in an overall slender appearance. People with these hand types are more in tune with their emotions and intuition and show promise with their psychic potential. Their greatest strength is being fueled by their imaginations and compassion, which often make them creative individuals. Unfortunately, their openness to intimacy tends to make them extremely sensitive. This is why they’re prone to interpersonal stress from conflict with others or themselves.

4. Air Hands

Air hands have notably square palms and long fingers with boney features. This is why people with this hand type have protruding knuckles. These people are intellectually curious with an innate ability to communicate with others and analyze different situations. Although they have excellent interpersonal and observational skills, they’re also easily distracted. Without enough stimulation or engagement, they can quickly become anxious.


Besides reading the different hand shapes, there’s still much you need to learn to identify a person’s personality and future correctly. This leads to reading the various mounts and plains a palm has, which are named from the different planets in the solar system. With the help of getting started with this guide, you can move forward and look for more intermediate lessons on palm reading.

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