5 of the Best Websites to Beat Boredom

Best Websites to Beat Boredom

There is no doubt that for many people, 2020 hasn’t been the most exciting year. COVID-19 has forced people to stay indoors, with classes and work being shifted online. This means that you may not have seen your friends in a while and some of your favorite activities are now out of the question. If you are bored like many of us are, the internet fortunately holds the key to some excitement. 

It’s nice to have the newest gaming console and a group of friends who love playing DnD online, but there are plenty of other ways to pass the time with just access to the internet. Plenty of online resources are free to access via a browser, meaning you can have fun for hours on end! With a healthy selection of games and other fun activities on the web, being stuck at home can be time to visit a random website or two and even learn something new. 

If you are looking for ways to instantly beat boredom, here are a few fun apps online to get you started:

1. The Secret Door

While this sounds sinister in nature, it really isn’t. We cannot exactly visit the world right now, and there are going to be places where we may not even visit in our entire lifetime. Why let that be an excuse with The Secret Door? The Secret Door basically transports you to a random location in the world using Google’s StreetView. 

Seeing the world has never been easier with The Secret Door, which is first on our list of things on what to do when bored. 

2. I Need A Prompt

If you have taken up writing this lockdown, this is a perfect way to practice your craft. I Need A Prompt provides you with a nice starting point for an interesting writing topic. Channel your creative juices and let them flow by choosing a writing prompt on the site. 

Our pro tip is to try the harder topics, as writers become better when faced with topics that are unfamiliar to them. Give it a shot and write those stories!

3. Museum Of Endangered Sounds

The old world had a plethora of iconic, yet ear-splitting sounds due to the rise in technology. If you were born after the Millennial generation, these may be unfamiliar sounds to you. Nonetheless, it would be cool to experience the sound of a dial-up modem, which was the father of the modern WiFi connection. The ear-splitting sound is sure to give you a slight look at how it was like for many of the older ones to connect to the internet. 

The Museum Of Endangered Sounds is an effort to preserve the craziest sounds of the early 21st century is a single-person project by Brendan Chilcutt. Props to him for keeping tabs on the early sounds of technology!

4. Daily Sketches

Boredom is easily killed by creativity, so why not give your drawing hand a try by opening up Sketch Something Daily. This will test your creativity daily by offering a platform for illustrating on the site. This is great to do for practicing artists who do not want to forget what they have learned. 

5. Learn Something New at Innovation Station

If you are one who has an interest in science and technology, Innovation Station has a nice selection of the latest inventions in the field. Find new technologies to look up and stay up to date with for a more exciting day. By putting the best of innovators and innovations forward to the world, this could be something to push you in the right direction to go out and make things. 


While COVID-19 can be boring, the internet is your key out of it. These five websites will show you hours of fun on end. The lockdown doesn’t need to be a drag, all it takes is finding the right interests and websites to pass the time while staying safe from the virus. 

Bored A Lot is your top resource for things to do when you’re bored. Whether it be boredom at home due to quarantine, or taking a break from work at a boring job, we have you covered with information on fun websites, free games, and interesting facts. Take a look at our website to see our selection for quarantine boredom beaters.

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