Bored? Here Are 3 Fun Facts That Will Turn That Around

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Let’s face it: being bored is one of the most agonizing feelings on Earth because of how mundane, yet surprisingly-complex it is.

Sure, you might think that loss, heartache, and insecurity are all strong experiences that are the plagues of human existence. However, when thinking about it, do they last as long and remain as unbearable as boredom itself?

While some may argue that dullness is an experience that is an intrinsic part of humanity, the reality is that the common feeling is far less “inevitable” than you might expect. In fact, experiences of extended monotony can be easily remedied in many ways if you’re creative enough to think of what you can do!

Now, while you might be already bored with trying to find ways to keep your mind occupied, you won’t necessarily need to worry because even the simplest measures can make the biggest difference. At this point, one of the best ways to get you out of the boredom spell that you’ve been dreading is by brushing up on a ton of fun facts to keep your brain intrigued and moving!

Bored as hell? Here are some fun facts that will get you back in the right headspace

Sure, it may not seem like much at first, but brushing up random yet exciting fun facts will go a long way in ensuring that your brain doesn’t need to be stagnant until you go crazy. If you’re feeling extremely bored and need a quick mental getaway from whatever you’re experiencing, here are some awesome fun-facts that can help:


Fact #1: Goosebumps are caused by a muscle


Whether it’s over some good food, an awesome soundtrack, or a haunted house experience, goosebumps will always be linked to a specific part of the body.

Arrector pili muscles, a set of fan-shaped muscles at the base of each hair follicle, are responsible for goosebumps. These muscles contract when the body is cold in an effort to generate heat that causes a person’s hair to “stand up straight” on their skin. Next time you feel bored, remember this fact and have your own goosebumps as you snap out of your boredom and realize just how amazing the human body is!

Fact #2: The tallest man in the world saved a pair of dolphins

What makes this fun-fact so special is that it’s not just fun, but it’s completely unique!

Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun—a wonder of the world that stood at 7′, 8.95″ as the tallest man in the world in 2006—was known for his sheer height and heroic efforts. Easily regarded as the tallest animal protector in existence, the Mongolian titan saved the day when a pair of dolphins was found to have swallowed plastic shards that could not be extracted from their stomachs using standard instruments. With his unusually long arm, the former tallest man in the world pulled out the shards from the stomachs of the two dolphins without any complications!

Fact #3: A penguin achieved knighthood

Edinburgh Zoo saw its first animal knight take center stage after one of its resident penguins was knighted.

The penguin was (and currently is) the mascot of the King of Norway’s Guard and was already regarded as a special figure for the country’s military. It just so happens that the knighting of this particular one made matters more special! Nils Olav III’s knighting was an opportunity to celebrate the relations between Norway and Scotland that went over so well that he was promoted to Brigadier in 2016.



If you ever feel yourself becoming even more bored by the minute, it pays to brush up on some amazing fun-facts that will keep your brain engaged and ready to pull out of this spell. With this guide’s help, you can take that newly-awakened brain of yours and do even more things that will save you from having monotony come around the corner ever again!

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