2 Simple Card Games to Play With Your Younger Siblings

games to play with your younger siblings

No matter how creative you are when it comes to stirring fun activities, there will be times when you just don’t seem to have the inspiration for it. You’re at a loss on what to do, and what’s worse is that your little siblings are staring at you, waiting for you to entertain them. You need to think of something quickly—otherwise, the boredom will swallow you all!  

If you’re facing the same dilemma, you’ve come to the right place. Before anything else, there’s something that you must remember: sometimes, it’s not all about coming up with new game ideas. Sometimes, it’s better to go back to the basics, like bringing out your cards and playing these classic yet fun card games!

1. Go Fish 

The concept behind this game is simple, so you won’t have a difficult time explaining it to younger kids. 

At the start of the game, each player receives five or seven cards each (your choice). The remaining cards are placed at the center of the table. Your objective is to match all of the cards in your hand by “fishing” them from the other players or the deck. 

The first player chooses which one of their cards to match first and asks another player if they have that card. The player who is addressed can either say yes and give that player the card they asked for. This will allow that player to have a go again. 

However, if you want to add some twist and excitement to the game, you can also choose to respond with a no and say “Go fish!” The other player will then have to pick up one card from the pile. If they find a match, they can remove both cards from their hand and put them face down on the table. Otherwise, their turn ends.

The first one to run out of cards is the winner. 

2.Chase the Ace

This is a card game that can be more fun and exciting when played in a large group. The objective of the game is to not end up with the lowest card. 

To start, each player gets one card each—yes, just one! The cards are placed and must remain face down, but each player can take a look at their card. 1 is considered the lowest face value, while the highest is the Ace. The person to the left of the dealer gets to have the first turn.

After looking at your card, you can choose whether to pass it to the player to your left or hold onto it. If you have a card with the face value of 10 or higher, it’s a smart move to hold onto it. If you have a low ranking card, you can either switch with the person to your left or discard it to draw a new one. 

Since this is a fast game to play, you can agree on having more lives for each player. When someone loses all their lives, they are out. 


When you’ve racked every corner of your brain when you’re bored and thinking of things to do, you can always bring out the cards. The card games mentioned above are simple yet fun enough for your younger siblings to follow along. Explaining the mechanics to them can be a breeze, and soon enough you’ll be having a good time with them! 

If card games aren’t your thing, you can always look for random online games to play when bored. Don’t know where to start your search? You don’t have to look any further—we’ve got an interesting collection right here at Bored A Lot. Give us a try and you’ll never have to wonder what to do when boredom strikes again!

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