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Bored? Visit these Funny Websites To Keep You Sane!

Are you bored to death and just in need of a good laugh? Then check out this range of funny websites that are guaranteed to make you smile on a boring day


Pimped Up Food

Pimped up food

This Cool Website Takes Snacking To A Whole New Level By Showing 100s Of Images Of Ginormous Pimped Up Food Pimp my snack has been around for years. It started…

Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Cure Your Boredom Now And Spend Hours Laughing At Celebrities Without Eyebrows Some genius of the internet has come up with an amazing and hilarious website to cure boredom. You’ve…

Evil Tomato Haters

evil tomato haters

Kill Your Boredom Now With A Website Dedicated To Evil Tomato Haters Some people just hate tomatoes. Others people think they’re pure evil, which is why this cool website seems…

Donald Trump Dumplings

Donald Trump Dumplings

Having A Boring Day? Then Why Not Drop Some Donald Trump Dumplings Into A Steamer? The cool website Trumplings makes America taste great again. Drop multiple Donald Trump Dumplings into…

Bongo Cat

bongo cat

Slay Your Boredom With Bongo Cat Some genius of the internet has now created Bongo Cat. A cool and funny website that allows you to control a bongo, cymbal and…

Hungover Owls

Hungover Owls

Cure Your Boredom Now With 100s of Pictures Of Hungover Owls If you’re really bored and want some much needed smiles and giggles then check out this funny Tumblr website…

Age Predictor

age predictor

Cure Your Boredom With The Age Predictor – Find Out How Old You Really Look The age predictor is a really cool website that allows you to upload a photograph…

Poop On Trump

poop on trump

Put An End To Your Boredom With Poop On Trump Whether you are a fan of Donald Trump or not, the Poop on Trump is a cool website that allows…

Pet Face Switch

pet face switch

If You Are A Pet Lover You Can Now Face Switch With Your Favorite Animal And Mould Both Faces Into one Pet face switch is a crazy funny website that…

Elf Yourself

elf yourself

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Elf Yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to superimpose faces onto a bunch of dancing elves? Well Elf Yourself does just that. Take a selfie, upload…

Funny Star Wars Mashup

funny star wars mashup

Feeling Bored? Then Kill 2 Hours Of Time With This Funny Star Wars Mash Up Video With over 480 fan made sections, the Empire Strikes Back Uncut features a funny…

Gif Dance Party

GIF Dance Party

Gif Dance Party Is The Best Party On The Internet Cure your boredom now with the GIF dance party, Choose your song, your dance floor and your GIFS and away…

Trump Trumpet

trump trumpet

Felling Bored? Want A Laugh? Then Check Out The Trump Trumpet Weather you are a fan of Donald Trump or not, The Trump Trumpet is guaranteed to put a smile…

Morph Two Faces

morph two faces

Bored – Want To See What Two Random Faces Morphed Together Looks Like? Then Look No Further Morph Thing is a funny website that actually lets you morph two faces…

Epic Fail

epic fail

There Is Nothing Better Than Curing Your Boredom With Laughing At An Epic Fail Epic Fail  Pokes fun at rich people crashing supercars, skateboarders doing silly things, and people totally…

Feeling Unlucky

feeling unlucky

Need A Laugh? Checkout Google ‘Feeling Unlucky’ The World famous Google  “Feeling Lucky” takes took you directly to the first search result for any query, without ever loading the page….

Create Funny Headlines

funny headlines

Kill Your Boredom By Creating Your Own Funny Headlines Don’t you wish you could create your own funny headlines and send the fake news to your friends? Well now you…

End Of The World

end of the world

Bored? Well it could be the end of the world soon. Check out these scenarios with a funny twist Some crowds like to collect postage stamps; Exit Mundi collects end…

Damn You Auto Correct

auto correct

Bored? Need a Laugh? Then Visit Damn You Auto Correct If you are a smartphone owner you have probably had to deal with the situations where you wanted to write…

College Humor

college humor

College Humor – Fix Your Boring Day With This Very Funny Website College Humor is one of the most popular humor websites on the web.  If you’re bored then this…

Bored Panda


Bored Panda Could this sites name be any more appropriate? Bored Panda is website you need when you want to find funny, interesting and visually appealing content. It’s a webiste…

People Of Walmart


People Of Walmart – End Your Boring Day By Laughing At Others People of Walmart is exactly what it sounds like: A load of photographs taken of people in WalMart…

Is It Normal ?

is it normal

Is It Normal ? Put a stop to your boring day now! Is it normal is a website that allows curious and very bored people to ask questions that they…

One Tiny Hand

one tiny hand

One Tiny Hand One Tiny Hand looks at only one piece of the body and makes you laugh at the images of celebrities with just one hand reduced in size….