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There is no need to Google i’m bored any more. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with nothing to do at the home, office or on the go, you are in luck!  Here you will see our entire collection of random and useless websites to cure boredom across all of our categories.  There is nothing worse than being stuck in front of a computer with no inspiration. So we have listed the most recent time wasting web pages first, but feel welcome to scroll through until you find something that slays your boredom.  From this page you can also hit a random link from our vaults, or select one of our funny categories. We literally have hundreds of pointless and useless websites for boredom to choose from that will satisfy every type of person, and niche so you will not leave this site disappointed.

We are also adding new sites on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see the new stuff. And don’t forget, if you know of any web pages that will cure boredom then get in touch with us, we will try to add them to our vaults as soon as possible

We hope you enjoy our collection

Free Eye Test

Free Eye Test

Why Not Cure Boredom And Take A Free Eye Test This Really cool website lets you see how good your vision and colour vision really

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play golf online

Play Golf Online

Bored Out Of Your Mind? Then Why Not Play Golf Online? World Golf Tour is one of the best online multiplayer virtual golf games the internet has to offer.

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evil tomato haters

Evil Tomato Haters

Kill Your Boredom Now With A Website Dedicated To Evil Tomato Haters Some people just hate tomatoes because they don’t like the taste. However, other

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cat kaleidoscope

Cat Kaleidoscope

Slay That Boredom With The Cat Kaleidoscope. Yes, you heard us right, the Cat Kaleidoscope does exactly what is says on the tin. A freaky,

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soft murmur

Soft Murmur

Cure Boredom And Relax At The Same Time With Soft Murmur Soft Murrmur is a really cool website where you can just play around with

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dream analyzer

Dream Analyzer

Kill Some Time By Finding Out What Your Dreams Are All About With This Dream Analyzer Cure Boredom by analyzing what your dreams actually mean. 

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3D room designer

3D Room Designer

Cure Your Boredom Now With This 3D Room Designer With over 120,000 Different pieces of furniture and accessories, this free 3D room designer is a

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free virtual pet

Free Virtual Pet

If You’re Bored And You Love Animals Then Why Not Adopt A Free Virtual Pet? FooPets are the world’s most realistic and free virtual pets.

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online spirograph

Online Spirograph

Create Amazing And Beautiful Pieces Of Artwork With This Online Spirograph If you’re feeling bored and what to bring out your artistic and creative side,

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write upside down

Write Upside Down

If you are feeling really bored then why not really impress your friends and write upside down? If you are feeling bored and mischievous, then

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akinator genie

The Akinator Genie

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Akinator Genie. The Akinator genie is an artificially intelligent mind reader. It will successfully guess the person you are

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rank cool stuff

Rank Cool Stuff

If You’re Feeling Bored. Then Why Not Rank Cool Stuff ? Ranker.com is really awesome website to explore when you just want to rank cool stuff

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interactive face

Interactive Face

Slay Your Boredom With A Really Freaky Interactive Face This cool website is funny, freaky, weird and bizarre all rolled into one.  It is an

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Nothing to do?  Well, It our our aim to create the largest resource of interesting and fun sites for boredom on the internet.  Sure, some of our competitors do the same as us.  But none of them give you the option to read through a description of each link before clicking. This alone will stop you from getting bored.  You simply click the random website generator button you wish to visit and keep clicking through until you have wasting your whole day.   Never be left with nothing to do on the internet ever again 

Don’t forget, if you own or know if a site that will fit into any of our categories then please let us know, or submit it to us via our menu tab.  The weirder and more bizarre the better.