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There is no need to Google i’m bored any more. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with nothing to do at the home, office or on the go, you are in luck!  Here you will see our entire collection of random and useless websites to cure boredom across all of our categories.  There is nothing worse than being stuck in front of a computer with no inspiration. So we have listed the most recent time wasting web pages first, but feel welcome to scroll through until you find something that slays your boredom.  From this page you can also hit a random link from our vaults, or select one of our funny categories. We literally have hundreds of pointless and useless websites for boredom to choose from that will satisfy every type of person, and niche so you will not leave this site disappointed.

We are also adding new sites on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see the new stuff. And don’t forget, if you know of any web pages that will cure boredom then get in touch with us, we will try to add them to our vaults as soon as possible

We hope you enjoy our collection

bouncing trump

Bouncing Trump

Feeling Bored? Then Let The Bouncing Trump Take Care Of That The bouncing trump is what it says. You start of one Donald Trump head

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documentary heaven

Documentary Heaven

Bored Of Watching The Same Old TV Program? Then Check Out Documentary Heaven With 1000S of completely free documentaries on pretty much any subject, Documentary

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The Rasterbator

Cure Your Boredom And Bring Out Your Creative Side With The Rasterbator The Rasterbator is a really cool website that allows you to enlarge any

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Having A Boring and Unproductive Day? Then Make It Even More Unproductive With Cachemonet. Cachemonet is a truly weird and bizarre website.  It’s an endlessly entertaining

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tractor talk

Tractor Talk

Feeling Bored? Well Cure Your Boredom With Tractor Talk. The One Stop Shop For Everything Tractor Related Tractor talk or ‘yesterday’s tractor brings you every

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ransom note generator

Ransom Note Generator

Feeling Bored And Mischievous? Then Check Out This Ransom Note Generator Feeling Bored, Naughty and Mischievous? Want a laugh at someone elses expense? Then this

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music map

Music Map

Bored Of Listening To The Same Old Music?  Then Music Map Is The Site For You Music Map allows you to type in any band

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eyeballing game

The Eyeballing Game

Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination With The Eyeballing Game The eyeballing game tests your geometry skills in 7 different areas over three cycles. It is

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johns crazy socks

Johns Crazy Socks

Feeling Bored? Want To Spend Some Money? Then Visit Johns Crazy Socks Johns crazy socks is a website dedicated to bringing you the most amazingly

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sloth drawing

Sloth Drawing

Felling Bored? Then Why Not Try Sloth Drawing? Yes, You Heard It Right, Drawing With Sloths Having a boring day? then why not cheer yourself

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frog facts

Frog Facts

Having a Boring Day? Want To Know Everything About Frogs? Then Check Out Frog Facts Since 1995 Frog facts brings you everything you need to

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earth cam

Earth Cam

Living A Boring Life? Want To See The World? Then Check Out The Earth Cam? Earth cam is a really cool website that will take

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cash cats

Cash Cats

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Check Out Lots Of Photos Of Cats With Loads Of A Cash (Cash Cats) Cash Cats is a cool website

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GIF Dance Party

Gif Dance Party

Gif Dance Party Is The Best Party On The Internet Cure your chronic boredom now with the hilarious GIF dance party, Choose your song from

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screaming beans

Screaming Beans

Having A Boring Day? Then Why Not Crush Screaming Beans With Your Finger? This funny website cures your boredom by squishing screaming beans with a

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Having A Kind Of Too Bored To Think Day? Then Check Out ZoomQuilt Zoomquilt is a strangely hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and website created by a team

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The restart page

The Restart Page

Feeling Bored. Then Live Life On The Edge By Re-living Your Favorite Computer Restart Pages The Restart Page simulates the full and exciting rebooting process of

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Pictures Of Pennies

Pictures Of Pennies

Feeling Bored ? Got Lots Of Loose Pennies Hanging Around Your Home? Then Get Some Artistic inspiration from these pictures of pennies.  Create your own

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morph two faces

Morph Two Faces

Bored – Want To See What Two Random Faces Morphed Together Looks Like? Then Look No Further Morph Thing is a funny website that actually

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life hacker

Life Hacker

Life Hacker Brings Your the Planets Best Life Hacks Life hacker is a website dedicated to making your life easier, less stressful and less complicated. There

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learn origami

Learn Origami

If Your Are Felling Bored And Want Something To Do. Learn Origami? Take some time out of your boring life and do something fun and

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nuclear bomb


Bored? Thinking About An Apocalypse? Then Look No Further Ever wondered what would happen around you if an atomic bomb went off in your town

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the chive

The Chive

Having A Boring Day? Visit The Chive. theCHIVE brings you the funniest, the craziest  and the most outrageous,photos and videos. You will never be bored at

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gangster google

Gangster Google

Having A Boring Day? Use Gangster Google To Translate Every Search Query Into Gangster Speak “Hey there, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin’

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Chill The Lion

Too Bored To Think? Then Why Not Chill Then Lion? Chill the lion is an utterly useless website that allows you to turn your cursor

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Nothing to do?  Well, It our our aim to create the largest resource of interesting and fun sites for boredom on the internet.  Sure, some of our competitors do the same as us.  But none of them give you the option to read through a description of each link before clicking. This alone will stop you from getting bored.  You simply click the random website generator button you wish to visit and keep clicking through until you have wasting your whole day.   Never be left with nothing to do on the internet ever again 

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