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Want Some Cool Facts and Figures ?

Facts & Figures Websites

Don’t you wish that you could while away your day with lots of useless facts and figures? well look no further. Look really clever in front of your friends with these clever facts and figures websites. Where else can you find sites such as armadilo facts, the speed of animal heartbeats, a real time US debt clock and a live world shipping map.  These websites have been handpicked by the team at bored a lot to give you a variety of different categories to get your teeth into and your Mensa application practice underway.

If you are the owner of a cool facts and figures website or you know of one that would fit into this cool category, then submit it to us and we will add it to our Bored A Lot vaults. 

Enjoy your brain training!!!!!!


We hope you liked our amazing facts and figures websites category. Hopefully we have got your brain working and helped to cure your boredom.

Don’t forget to keep returning to see the latest websites we have added. Also remember that you can subscribe to Bored A Lot to get the latest additions sent directly to your email inbox.