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Bored? Then Check Out These Artistic & Creative Websites

They say that art and using the creative side of your brain is a great cure for boredom, so we have solved that problem for you.  If you love art, crafts. design and general all round drawing and creating stuff,  then check out our huge range of arty, doodling and creative websites to get the inspirational juices flowing. Whether it is drawing with masterpeices using sloths or emoji’s, or making the most amazing paper aeroplanes, some of which are record breaking, this selection of cool and artistic websites will keep you occupied for hours.

If you own, or know of any arty type websites that would fit into this category then please submit them to us. We will then try our best to add them to our vaults.


Online Graffiti Maker

online graffiti maker

Feeling Artistic? Then Cure Your Boredom With This Online Graffiti Maker This amazing website is perfect for people who are bored at work or at home and are looking to…

3D Room Designer

3D room designer

Cure Your Boredom Now With This 3D Room Designer With over 120,000 Different pieces of furniture and accessories, this free 3D room designer is a cool website that will keep…

Online Spirograph

online spirograph

Create Amazing And Beautiful Pieces Of Artwork With This Online Spirograph If you’re feeling bored and what to bring out your artistic and creative side, then why not cure your…

Comic Strip Creator

comic strip creator

If You’re Feeling Bored Then Check Out This Free Comic Strip Creator Cure your boredom with this comic strip creator which lets you build your own comic for free. Choose…

Play With Virtual Lego

virtual lego

If You Are Feeling Bored Then Why Not Cure That Boredom And Play With Virtual Lego? Mecabricks is an extremely cool website that allows you to play with virtual Lego…

Emoji Drawing

emoji drawing

While Away Those Boring Days With Emoji Drawing? Remoji is an Emoji Drawing Website that allows you to draw or write with lots of little emoji characters and icons.  This…

The Rasterbator


Cure Your Boredom And Bring Out Your Creative Side With The Rasterbator The Rasterbator is a really cool website that allows you to enlarge any image into a full wall…

Sloth Drawing

sloth drawing

Felling Bored? Then Why Not Try Sloth Drawing? Yes, You Heard It Right, Drawing With Sloths Having a boring day? then why not cheer yourself up with Sloth Drawing.  Create magical…

Pictures Of Pennies

Pictures Of Pennies

Feeling Bored ? Got Lots Of Loose Pennies Hanging Around Your Home? Then Get Some Artistic inspiration from these pictures of pennies.  Create your own unique art on a budget….

Learn Origami

learn origami

If Your Are Felling Bored And Want Something To Do. Learn Origami? Take some time out of your boring life and do something fun and productive. Now you can learn…

Screaming Goat Piano

screaming goat piano

The Screaming Goat Piano – Play Your Favorite Tune In Goat Check out the screaming goat piano, craft your best tune. this is also a great trick if you want…

My Own Action Figure


My Own Action Figure How cool would it be to cure your boredom by creating your very own action figure with your own face? Well, My face on a figure…


Weavesilk – Bring out your artistic side Weavesilk lets you cure your boredom by creating beautiful weavy. silky and really cool looking pieces of art.  You need zero art skills…

Checkbox Painter

checkbox painter

Checkbox Painter – Kill Your Boredom With Art Checkbox painter allows you to create amazing pieces of art. It will also totally kill your boredom by letting you put small…

Tholman Texter

tholman texter

Tholman Texter Tholman texter is fun drawing editor to kill your boring day, This site allows you draw amazing art with text instead of lines. You can definitely waste a…

Cartoon Creator

cartoon creator

Cartoon Creator – Cure Your Boredom Now!! Are you feeling bored, are you feeling creative? then use this cartoon creator to create your very own animated cartoon. Bring out your…

Virtual Piano

virtual piano

Virtual Piano Virtual Piano is an awesome idea to cure your boredom, and what’s great is that no one appears to have thought of before: simply play the piano with the help of your…

Yes No If

yes no if

Yes No If Yes No If is a highly addictive website that allows you to create beautiful Abstract art using just your mouse.  This is the perfect cure for your…

Cartoon Yourself

cartoon yourself

Cartoon Yourself Using an innovative computer package, you can now ‘cartoonize’ any photo from your desktop. Do this using the FREE cartoon yourself Software for Windows. With more than 100 effects…


We hoped you loved our range of Artistic and Creative Websites for bored people.  Be sure to check back soon for our latest additions to our vaults.

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