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Are you feeling bored? fed up with being stuck in the house? Then use this online cartoon maker to create your very own animated masterpiece. This hugely popular website has a large following and has loads of submissions from its loyal gang. They even have competitions that you can enter to pitch yourself against other like minded animators. Bring out your inner and hidden drawing skills.  You are also able to enter your cartoon into a page to allow other people to comment on it. So go on! cure your boredom now!

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This fun site is part of the creative websites category. Here you will find 100s of websites that you can visit if you have nothing to do.  As well as visiting the online cartoon maker you can also visit the world famous Kolas to the max site.  You will also be able to unleash more of your creative juices by playing with virtual lego bricks. Bring back your childhood days and see where your mind takes you.  Remember, you can also submit posts to us to add to our vaults. Simply drop us a line or contact us through the submission page and we will try our best to add it. No Spamming please.  We want to see bored websites, boredom websites and sites for when you have nothing to do,

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