Top 10 Animal Lovers Websites For Bored People

Websites for animal lovers

Animal lovers aren’t always going to be around animals. Sometimes, animal lovers have nothing else to do but sit at their work desk and Google I’m bored. You can’t exactly bring a duck with you into work unless, of course, it’s cooked. Sometimes all you can do is just look out the window and watch as wild animals get to live their best lives without having to worry about paying bills. Fortunately, there are a number of websites available for bored animal lovers. Let’s take a look at the top 10 animal lover’s websites for bored people.

  1. Switch Zoo – Create Your Own Weird Animals

Switch Zoo

Animals are already perfect and everything, but have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to mix different animals together? No, that doesn’t mean you put a Giraffe and a Gorilla in the same room and hope they start doing it. However, there is a website available that lets you create a weird combination of different animals. Like if you took different body parts and made some horrid Frankenstein creature.

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  1. The Deep Blue Sea – A Virtual Journey

the deep blue sea

Take a tour into the ocean and see where your favorite animals live. You don’t have to bring buckets full of water into your office with some of the fish you get at the Asian market to see some ocean creatures. Of course, you already know what’s in the shallow waters of the ocean. You’ll want to go a little deeper into the ocean to see some really creepy stuff. Stuff you would see if you just stared into your bathroom mirror in the dark. You won’t exactly find beautiful fish that deep, but maybe that’s why they’re hiding in the dark.

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  1. Pooping Pooches Calendar 2020

pooping pooches calendar 2020

Some people love dogs, but some people love dogs a little too much. Everything dogs do will be beautiful to these intense dog lovers, even the act of doing their business. Yes, this is a calendar of dogs pooping. Enjoy nature at its best, weirdos.

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  1. Bird Watching Live Cams

Bird Watching Live Cams

Who wants to sit around and watch Netflix when you can watch birds? Forget the fact that there are hard-working people who write, produce, and create magical television and movies. There are people who would rather watch a live camera of birds doing bird things.

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  1. The Duck Song – Funny & Really Annoying

There are people who love dogs, there are people who love cats, there are people who love all types of animals. However, there are also people who love ducks. Yes, the annoying creatures that beg for bread, poop on your car and get in the way on the road. Those are the annoying creatures people love. Some even love ducks to the point where they are willing to listen to one sing about wanting grapes.

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  1. Cute Bunny Videos

Cute Bunny Videos

Who doesn’t love bunnies? Only people who aren’t fun don’t love bunnies. Bunnies are perfect and do absolutely nothing wrong. Even their poop is small and easy to clean. Bunnies exist for the sole purpose of looking cute, so why not have a collection of cute bunny videos to watch when you’re bored instead of being productive and working at a job you were hired to do? That’s not stealing time at all.

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  1. Live Fish Tank Camera

fish camera

Seriously, people? First, there’s a demand for a live bird camera and now there’s a demand for a live fish tank camera? Why not just get a home aquarium for yourself so you can watch that and do something productive. Who just sits there and watches a live fish tank camera? You must really be bored.

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  1. One Million Giraffes

One Million Giraffes

Over a decade ago, some guy made one of the weirdest bets that made some of the weirder collections on the internet. Normally guys make bets for money or beer, but no, this guy made a bet that he couldn’t accumulate a million images of giraffes. We’re wondering who is actually bored enough to take a look at images of over one million giraffes that consist of all kinds of pictures and drawings that came from all over the world. It might even get to the point where you’re going to have nightmares of these long-necked creatures in your sleep. Either that or you’re going to be one of those weird people who might be curious as to what giraffe meat tastes like. They’re protected creatures, so, don’t even think about it.

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  1. Your Pets Face Made Into Slippers

Your Pets Face Made

If you thought to have a camera watching birds or fish was weird, then you’re going to find it weird that there is a website out there that lets people put the faces of their furry loved ones on their feet. They aren’t factory-produced to look like any generic pet, but they are actually crafted by hand to look just like your pet. Not only that, the company that does this also makes things like earrings or even a stuffed pet version of your pet. That isn’t weird at all for people who still have their pets. Just ignore the weird looks from your pets when you’re petting a stuffed version of them instead of your pet. Don’t be surprised if you see the slippers chewed up the next day. 

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  1. Random Cat Videos

Random Cat Videos

Of course, the number one item on this list has something to do with cats. They might be small and adorable creatures, but they secretly control us by letting us know they could murder us in our sleep if they wanted to. However, they also know that if they didn’t have us they would not have anyone who could change their litter. This website is completely useless other than the fact that it’s something for cat lovers to watch. You could just watch completely random cats with completely random music by just pressing the button to have another cat shown to you.

At least animal lovers have something to do instead of, you know, doing their actual job.

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