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Bored? Then Visit These Cool and Funny Shopping Sites

Do you want to break your i’m bored mentality? Are you looking to kill some time spending your hard earned money on useless stuff? then why not try shopping for the most pointless and stupid items the internet has to offer. Here you will find a collection of cool websites that sell those funny novelty gifts that you never knew existed, and the gadgets that you have always dreamed of.


Novelty Unique Kooky Unusual

Novelty Unique

Feeling Bored? Want To Spend Some Money? Then Check Out Novelty Unique Kooky Unusual Novelty Unique Kooky Unusual or NUKU in its shortened version is a really cool shopping website that…

Play Penny Auctions

play penny auctions

Bored Of Having No Money? Then Play Penny Auctions And Get Cool Stuff For Virtually Nothing Quibids allows you to play penny auctions and get some really cool stuff for…

Johns Crazy Socks

johns crazy socks

Feeling Bored? Want To Spend Some Money? Then Visit Johns Crazy Socks Johns crazy socks is a website dedicated to bringing you the most amazingly unique, crazy and fun socks…


spy a lot

SPY A LOT – Cure Your Boredom Now! Spy a lot is a website that sells really cool spying and surveillance equipment. And is also one of our sister sites,…