The Best Games For Boredom

1. Nokia Snake


Nokia snake Game

Gather around, young whipper-snappers, and I’ll tell ye a tale of phones most primitive. The games of our youth were not on thin screens of digital grinding with 3D graphics. Ney, our time-wasting apparatus was that of bulky bricks of electronics that, when not making choppy calls, was spent guiding a digital snake around the screen for our games for boredom. Larger and larger the collection of pixels grew and we kept trying to see how long we could keep such a creature going before slamming into a wall or crashing into itself. We had little more for entertainment on our Nokia devices and we liked it, dagnabbit!

2. Geo Guessr


geo guesser

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of being plopped in a completely random spot on the planet Earth and trying to figure out just exactly where you are? No, this website won’t knock you out and dump your unconscious body off in a foreign country to experience that same excitement. That’s too expensive and is probably not very legal. Geo Guessr is the next best thing, a game utilizing Google Street View to play a game of guessing where you are. Look around, explore a bit and try to make an educated guess as to where you may be located. Play it when you’re bored and work and use the excuse that you’re actually searching for the spot of the next off-site meeting.

3. Free Rider



Free Rider is a classic game of boredom that obviously takes great inspiration from the Queen song Bicycle. It’s a game for anyone who wants to ride their bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. Free Rider lets you ride it where you like. The game’s black and it’s white. It has bark and has bite. Though this game isn’t Jaws or Star Wars, it’s still pretty good. With so many tracks and so much fun to be had, it’s the perfect time-waster to make you forget all your duties. It’s easy enough to play as well that anyone can hop right on and ride it like a bicycle. Fat bottomed girls, they’ll be riding today.

4. Rock Paper Scissors


rock paper scissors

As time goes by, the world gets faster. Everything from the entertainment we consume to the food we prepare has increased in speed, coming at us faster than ever before. We humans struggle to meet such expectations and push forward towards more efficient and speedier means of accomplishment. And yet this instant satisfaction once more returns to the past with the online game of Rock Paper Scissors. No rules to explain, no points to score and no complicated strategies to form. A simple game for simple times. Click the rock, paper or scissors and, just like that, you win or lose. A game of boredom in a second for those who only have one to spare.

5. Retro Consoles


retro games

Remember the days of console gaming? Games back then were a little easier to plug in and play compared to today’s world of downloadable content and constant level grinding. Well, okay maybe they weren’t the easiest to plug in, what with those tricky coaxial cables. Thankfully, this is the future and all that fiddling with the wire is more or less a thing of the past when it comes to console gaming. RetroGames offers up a number of different retro games from such consoles as Super Mario Bros, Pokemon and Street Fighter. Just load one up and, boom, it’s like the 1990s never died!

6. Board Games


play classic board games online

There was a time when rainy days usually meant board games of boredom but in our go-go 21st century, assembling board games can be a hassle. Monopoly, in particular, is a mess of the assembling of the currency and cards, the tactics of utilizing capitalism to crush your opponent and the eventual mess when frustrated players flip the board off the table. But if you were ever curious to see how a game of Monopoly would play out without the headaches and board flipping, Pogo now offers the joy of the game with none of the mess. Wait, was there ever all that much joy to Monopoly? You’ll just have to play and find out. And if that game also turns out draining, you can also partake in the likes of Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.



qwop running game

Who hasn’t looked at yourself reflected in the computer monitor and thought that they should probably work out more or hit the gym? QWOP probably won’t improve your health but it’ll make you feel like you’re exercising. Players get to control a runner with a mere four keys. With the keys of Q and W, you control the thighs. With O and P, you control the calves. Now you may be looking at that description on how to play the game and think it sounds too easy. You got some nerve, pal! Just give it a go and see how frustrating this game is that you’ll constantly be muttering “just one more time” to get it just right.

8. Higher Lower


the higher lower game
What gets googled more? the higher lower game is a hugely addictive game that asks you to guess which google search is the most popular.

Of all the games where one would utilize the rule of not using Google, here’s one where knowledge of Google would come in most handy. This game is essentially a guessing of which keywords and phrases are searched more than others. Earn a point every time you guess if Power Rangers was higher or lower for search results than eating disorders. Then take that knowledge you have just learned and try to formulate why a kid’s show from the 1990s seems to have more resources available online than with a serious condition. Or just pump your fist at clicking on the right answer. Use it to start arguments in the office when you’re bored at work.

9 Astro Alpaca 


Astro Alpaca

Years from now, you will look back on your life and relay to your grandchildren what you did with your life when you were bored at work. Sometimes it seems there is so little we can do with our time when we’re stuck behind computers. Make something of yourself today by clicking on this game that you can one day tell the tale of how you dragged an alpaca in a space suit across space, avoiding space debris and eating lettuce. They’ll be confused and think you’re just some crazy old elder. And that may be true but you’ll still be a crazy old elder who navigated a space alpaca.

10. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy


hitchhikers guide

If you ever find yourself so bored with life you wished the world would explode, turn that cynical fantasy into an engaging sci-fi adventure where Earth blows up. Based on the iconic novel series by Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy books are transformed into a text-based adventure, originally created in the age of computers when text adventures were still an exciting thing to do on the computer. What, you don’t like text adventures? Fine, this game will throw you a bone with some images in this online update of the game. Yes, you still gotta read and type to play. Or just mash the keyboard and things might happen.

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