sloth drawing

Sloth Drawing

Felling Bored? Then Why Not Try Sloth Drawing? Yes, You Heard It Right, Drawing With Sloths Having a boring day? then why not cheer yourself up with Sloth Drawing.  Create magical pieces of art using this hilarious looking mammal. And once you are done, erase your drawing with a moon. Both an utterly useless website and …

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frog facts

Frog Facts

Having a Boring Day? Want To Know Everything About Frogs? Then Check Out Frog Facts Since 1995 Frog facts brings you everything you need to know about frogs to cure your boredom.  Frog Pictures, Weird Frog Trivia, The Frog Blog, Frog Stories.  Trust us, this cool website is the one stop shop for everything frog …

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Pug Screen Cleaner

Want To See A Pug Licking Your Screen? Then you have come to the right place.  This Pug Screen Cleaner website is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, cure your boredom and it is perfect to save as a screen saver,    


Kitten War

Kitten War – Which Kitten is Best? Kitten war lets you pick which kitten you think is the cutest. That’s it. There’s no trick to this website and no one wins anything. It is just a bunch of cute kittens. This website works best for when you are feeling a bit down or really bored …

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shooting squirrel

Shooting Squirrel

Shooting Squirrel What’s cooler than blasting things away with a laser shooting squirrel to cure a boring day? Well welcome to the right place. Enter the game, become a squirrel and spend hours on end shooting various items, including Donald Trump! how cool is that?    

cat bounce

Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce Cat Bounce is a truly bizarre website that is dedicated to curing your boredom by watching cats bouncing in front of you for no particular reason.  If you are a cat lover and in need of some light relief during a boring and mind numbing day. Click the link below.      

random goat

Random Goat

Random Goat Random goat brings you the very best goat videos, goat gifs and goat pictures from around world. If you are bored and you love goats then this is your fix,  Simply see scroll through a huge database of cute and adorable goats getting up to all sorts of madness and mischief. All from …

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why cows moo

Why Cows Moo

Why Cows Moo Have you ever wanted to know the real reason why cows go moo? Well this is the place for you. Whilst most people think it is a type of communication, this website explains a little bit further. And you will be surprised of the real reason,  In fact you will find it …

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