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Feeling Bored, Naughty and Mischievous?

Feeling Bored and Mischievous? A naughty combination. Check out these links for pranks, gags and practical jokes so help you get through those boring, mind numbing days


Funny Postcards Prank

Funny Postcards Prank

Are you Feeling Mischievous And Naughty? Then Check Out This Funny Postcards Prank   Now you can cure your boredom and be super mischeivous at the same time by playing…

Write Upside Down

write upside down

If you are feeling really bored then why not really impress your friends and write upside down? If you are feeling bored and mischievous, then why not write upside down…

Ransom Note Generator

ransom note generator

Feeling Bored And Mischievous? Then Check Out This Ransom Note Generator Feeling Bored, Naughty and Mischievous? Want a laugh at someone elses expense? Then this funny ransom note generator is…

Prank Dial

prank dial

Prank Dial Is your day so boring the only way that can cure it is pure mischievousness? Then Prank Dial is the cure for you. Pick the evil and devilish…