Bored At Work? Then Try These Funny Computer Pranks

The geniuses at Geek prank have come up with this really funny website that allows you to prank your office co workers into thinking their computer is broken, hacked or has a virus.  If you are feeling naughty and mischievous and you love a good prank or practical joke, then this is most definitely the website to cure your boredom.  Choose from scenarios such as

Switching the screen to windows 7

Pretending the screen has been been cracked beyond repair 

pulling up a really convincing virus attack.

When someone goes to the bathroom, or to lunch. pull up this website. Select the type of prank you would like to pull and away you go.  After selection. Hit the F11 key to activate full screen, sit back and watch you colleague squirm and scream as the frantically try to fix the fictitious problem.   Have hours of fun at someone else’s expense from the comfort of your own office.

Let us know in the comments section which funny computer prank s you managed to pull off and what their reaction was. 

funny computer pranks

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