Help to create the worlds longest marble run

Do you want thrill and excitement in taking part in the worlds longest marble run? then this is the website to cure your boredom. If you’re having a really boring day at work, or you are stuff in the house with noting to do then here you go,  The game equips you with lots of different tracks and objects, the aim of the game is to build the most elaborate run when you hit the ‘drop the ball’ button.  When you have completed the masterpiece, your creation will be added to the run.  As the project gets bigger and bigger the more special brinks that get unlocked. and with these unlocks you can then add to the world longest marble run.  At the point of writing this post the current length is nearly 90,000km, which by our crude mathematics is 1 fifth of the way to the moon.

Post your best Marble run creations in the comments section and show off your best work

Worlds longest marble run

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