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Now! we are sure that  most people have heard of this website but it’s still a great time waster. This press the button game asks if you would press the button to gain something  but- something not so cool will happen to you as an effect of your curiosity. So,will you still press the button? Is it worth the risk? If you’re also interested you can get cool starts to show who succumb and who didn’t, this is a completely useless website, but worth a few seconds of your time to cure your boredom.

Will you press the button

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Still Nothing To Do?

This link forms part of the useless websites category. the home to 100s of weird and unusual sites that have been plucked from all 4 corners of the tinterweb. While your day away with classics such as the tiny tuba and the endless horse, any when you’re done with this section move onto the next. We have a category for everyone and make the commitment to you that whatever your taste we will stamp out boredom forever.  You are also able to talk to like minded people in our forum, pop along and say hi, woe would love to hear from you and what you are doing to keep that boring day at bay. Of course the funnier the better.

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