The Top 5 ways to Cure Boredom

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What does virtual boredom actually look like?

Well I imagine it looks something like this…

Just imagine, after a long day of guiding helpless internet users, clippy gets home to his (IP) address and collapses onto his bed. On his rout(er) home he was staring out of his car window(s XP) and thinking…

“I am so bored right now”

Despite the bad puns and the fact that clippy is no longer a feature on windows (RIP) he is very much like you at the moment. Mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, checking snapchat when you know no one has messaged you and even entering the black hole that is YouTube’s suggested playlists. In fact, I have a theory that explains how after a night of boredom clippy was sucked into one such playlist never to be seen again…

That is why I am here- to make sure the same fate never happens to you by finding you some fun things to do on the internet when you’re bored.

  1. Look up your heritage.

With phrases like “Ok Boomer” causing offense all over the world, from the deserts of Australia to the even more barren political landscape of the US, it seems that an intergenerational war has broken out with battles taking place all over the Sub-reddits of the internet. Maybe… just maybe it is time to call this war off and instead do the opposite. Rediscover your past.

Now before you scoff and go back to your infinite Instagram scrolling and Lo-fi music just hear me out. Services such as Ancestry will, for a price, take all your family records in existence and present them to you in an easily formatted website allowing you to discover your past. But if you’re not all that invested in that you can even have a brief gander into the history of your brethren by using websites such as Family Search. Still do not think it’s up your street? Well listen up because I have a story.

Funny people bored

Twas a stormy night… I’m sorry I’ll start over.

My Uncle and Aunt very recently came back from a trip to darkest Scotland, more specifically to the island of Wick in Caithness.

bored at life


For that was where I, or half of me I should say- the other half came from Kent, originated from. And this 1000-mile round trip found something that no Instagram explore page or Snapchat story could tell you. My ancestors were actually loosely related and therefore… inbred. This gave me a brief moment of laughter before the shock set in and maybe just maybe, you might have a similar surprise (in the form of web-toed ancestors) just a few clicks away. It might just be worth it.

  1. Find the funniest joke IN THE WORLD

When I’m bored in class or at home sometimes, I stare out the window and I look at people and laugh at what their wearing or I make little jokes to myself and laugh at how amazingly funny I am and the incredible amount of wit I have. However, once this novelty wears off we have a problem… We have nothing to laugh at anymore.

Well why don’t you go and find the funniest joke IN THE WORLD? It may have you in stitches, it may not it’s definitely worth a try? ***Disclaimer*** this joke is actually scientifically, categorically, unquestionably the funniest joke IN THE WORLD. It’s the winner of 40,000 jokes from 70 different countries so don’t just take my word for it go and check it out.

But on the minuscule chance you were left cold and heartless after reading the funniest joke IN THE WORLD just as Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest” (kids ask your parents) then maybe just go onto the reddit funny pages- you can probably get a few laughs from that too.

  1. Jump on Omeagle

I fear that sometimes when you are just too tired, just too bored to actually go outside and absorb those luscious summer rays, meet new people, expand your horizons and finally become Mr Worldwide. Well thanks to the internet and the wonderful technologies that brought you facetime and webcam hacking comes… Omeagle. Omeagle uses your webcam and your internet to instantly connect you with any other Omeagle user in the world. So from the comfort of your own home you can watch and talk to literally anyone.

But safety I hear you ask, what are the risks? Well let me counter your question with another question. What are the benefits? Now let me answer this question with this absolute gem of a story.

This was posted by Reddit user u/cibo 2. He was a senior high school kid who while bored one night went onto Omeagle and while clicking through the matches, he found a girl. They talked and soon it was 3AM. He had to sleep but she had made her mark and they began talking on Facebook. A year and a half later they meet in real life and kissed for the first time. Almost two and half years later he looks back and thanks Omeagle for giving him that 1 in 500,000 chance of meeting the girl of his dreams.

That post is 7 years old as I write this and I really want to know if they are still together. Regardless of whether they are or not, with a bit of luck maybe you can meet the girl of your dreams on Omeagle. Just remember to invite me to the wedding.

  1. Quirkology

These guys are definitely the quirkiest YouTube channel ever. Instead of getting caught down the YouTube rabbit hole with videos of singing cows and cats bumping into things. Why not become the scientist you always wanted to be and do some fun little experiments? Experiments like these. Take a bottle with a flat lid, fill it with some liquid (probably water). Then take a drinking straw (definitely not plastic though, think of the turtles) and rub it up against your shirt. Then balance the rubbed straw on the top of the filled bottle and, wait for it, simply marvel at your ability to move the straw back and forth simply by placing your finger near to the straw.

Or if you want something more explosive (North Korea listen up) then do this. Turn your beloved tea bag into a rocket. Cut off the end with the string and pour out the tea (in Boston, USA I believe this is referred to as a Tea Party). What should be left is a hollow bag, light the bag with a match and at some point the bag will rise into the air like a rocket.

These are just two of the literal thousands of experiments on the channel, experiments that over 2.1 million people enjoy already. How about you join them?

  1. Start a blog

If you made it to the last bit of this post, then the previous four clearly haven’t excited you. Maybe you’re not a historian, or a comedian, or you have too many friends or you’re not a scientist but you might be… a writer! Maybe you love writing, like me, or you love talking and communicating with others, if so then a blog is clearly something for you.

Just get started on WordPress or Blog spot and fire up a post or two. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can talk about your own life, someone else’s life or something else entirely- the possibilities are endless. And to be honest, followers don’t matter- you can post to thousands or just your mum as long as you can express yourself for who and what you are that’s a win in my books.

Sadly, that brings to an end the roller-coaster ride of anti-boredom measures you can take to avoid those YouTube black holes and the same fate of clippy all those years ago. Maybe I have inspired you? Maybe you went on to discover a love for science because of Quirkology? If so then leave your thoughts down below and like the post, and for the best anti- boredom posts this side of the internet drop us a follow for more content.



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