The Best Spooky and Weird Websites to Waste Time on

Spooky and Weird Websites

If you are sat in your home or office bored out of your mind, then these spooky and weird websites are right up your street.  Here at bored a lot, we have scoured our vaults and come up with a collection of bizarre, crazy and downright bone chilling websites from around the world.  Some are so scary they may have you pooping your pants, while others are just so weird that you will be scratching your head asking yourself WTF?

So sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing collection to waste some time on.

Live Ghost Web Cam

If you’re bored and you love the weird, bizarre and creepy, then look no further than this Real live ghost web cam.  Sit back and watch loads of different cameras situated around a real life haunted house in the heart of America.  See the happenings in the gardens.  Check out the paranormal activity in the basement. Or tour around the house at your own free will.   Remember. This weird website claims to be a real Haunted house, so we cannot guarantee that your boredom will not turn into sheer fright. The cameras are running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So whom knows what you will find.

Live Ghost Web Cam

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The Cult Of The Weird

The bizarre website ‘cult of the weird‘ is as an excuse to visit really strange places when you are having a boring day.  You can get your daily dose of truly weird and offbeat news from around the world, you can collect morbid objects, and you can also dig through dusty old books to unearth true facts and fables of the weird, mysterious and unexplained stories throughout history. This website has grown into a thriving community of curious and strange minds, bringing daily strangeness to over 1 million visitors a year.

cult of the weird

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The Creepy Asylum Virtual Tour

Feeling Bored? Do you like scary and freaky stuff? then this creepy asylum virtual tour is right up your street.  It is effectively a walk though, interactive tour of all of the buildings in an incredibly creepy abandoned insane asylum. The type you see on those scary movies that have you hiding behind your hands.   This virtual tour also comes equipped with it’s very own spooky and disturbing music that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. So we recommend that you probably leave the lights on when navigating this particular website, and be prepared, as it takes you on a journey to a completely new level of weirdness and bizarreness, from the darkest and deepest recesses of the internet. As you navigate through, who knows what you will come across, and what you will see?

Creepy asylum virtual tour

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Died In Your House?

If you live in the US and you like things a little bit spooky and creepy, then this bizarre website is right up your street, literally…  Died in House is a website that tells you if anyone has ever passed to the other side whilst in your property, or in fact any other property in America. If  you ever suspected that you hear or see ghosts in your home, or there are rumours about a property being haunted. Then you can find out here.

This bizarre website is perfect if you have a fear of ghosts and are looking to buy a new property, if the results are positive, then the presence of spooks may have an impact on your decision to buy.

Creepy Website

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Online Ouija Board

Are you Looking For Your Daily Dose Of Useless Websites? Then Check Out The Online Ouija Board, this will make you laugh and spook you out  in equal measures.

The Online Ouija Board is exactly as it sounds.  You can now use this to ask any question you like to the spirit world and the glass pointer will either spell out the answer to you or give you a simple yes or no answer. Do you want to know the winning lottery numbers.  Have you a burning desire to find out if Satan likes broccoli? then this is the website for you.

Warning!  This Online Ouija board is a useless website and should not be used to predict the future. So please, do not sell your house and buy thousands of lottery tickets based on what it tells you.  Because that would just be stupid.   Enjoy!

Online Ouija Board

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Watch Bizarre TV

Neave TV allows you to watch weird and bizarre TV clips that are funny creepy and downright odd.  This cool website to waste time on takes you on a trippy, humorous and crazy journey. Simply hit the space bar for an new video clip which is intersected by a crazy test patterns. Be warned! some of these videos are very weird and very bizarre, but they are guaranteed to fix your boredom

Watch bizarre TV

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Funny Tombstone Maker

Do you love stuff that is a little bit weird, dark and creepy?  The Custom funny Tombstone maker lets you write your own eulogy on your very own gravestone.  Write your own funny text and send it to your friends and family.  This weird and funny website is both morbid and humorous at the same time.  Perfect for wasting time on

tombstone maker

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Stop Alien Abductions

Stop alien inductions is a website that is dedicated to protecting you from martian kidnapping. with handy flow carts, equipment and help and support should this terrifying experience happen.  Get all the latest news on alien weaknesses, telepathy techniques and case histories. This website has it all.  So clear out your diary of boredom and failure, get some beers in, and really ask your self the question?

Am I able to stop alien inductions happening to me or my family?  And before you ask. Yes! This site is 100% genuine and serious!

Stop alien abductions

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Ever wondered what would happen around you if an atomic bomb went off in your town or city? Outrider Allows you to enter any location in the world and see what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off there. Choose from different types of bomb and see where the radiation, heat, shock wave and fireball would hit.  Use this information wisely to decide if you need to get your shovel out and start building your very own bomb proof shelter. 

nuclear bomb

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Human For Sale

Have you thought about putting yourself up for sale lately? Have you ever wonder how much cash you could get on the open human market? Well here is your chance.  Get a free valuation for your self now at human for sale. This website will value you based on your athletic ability, education level, income, amount of exercise, weight, and sense of humor.

human for sale

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We hope you loved our Spooky and Weird Websites to waste time on.  If you know of any others that we have missed and don’t have in our vaults, then please let us know in comments section.

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