3 Activities to Shake up Your Routine While in Quarantine - What to Know

Shake up Your Routine

Besides the progressing health crisis brought about by COVID-19, a massive spread of boredom has also infected many homes across the globe. Remaining indoors and being unable to do recreational activities, such as going to the movies and eating at a restaurant, are making people less productive and more worried about the future state of the world.

Staying sane indoors

Though the world will be much different from what it was, things are definitely looking up, and everyone should stay positive amidst the negativity that’s stuck with on the news. To keep you from losing your mind during this global crisis, here are three activities for you to shake up your quarantine routine:

1. Clean your room (if you haven’t yet)

It’s been a few months now, and we’re not blaming you if you’ve started to let yourself go. Many people are all forgetting some quality time of caring what they or their house look like, mainly because they won’t even have to worry about entertaining guests for a while.

Nevertheless, know that your environment can significantly affect your mood and emotions. Unlike being stuck at work or trying to escape awkward family dinners, you can’t just take a walk away from it during these difficult times. Make sure that you take the time to clean your home so that you can avoid feeling like you’re going down a spiral of unproductivity. An organized environment will give you a more positive outlook in looking forward to things to do around the house.

2. Order some take out for a change

Your taste buds would also need to exercise tasting new foods and flavors while in quarantine. The sights you see aren’t the only things that are repeated over and over again. Eating the same food day in and day out can be a severe cause of boredom. This is why having different meals is an excellent way to spice up your quarantine routine.

Now that some businesses are starting to open up, you can check whether or not your favorite restaurant has opened up for take-out or pick-up orders. Make sure that you perform the necessary precautions in going to the store or meeting the courier service by the door and remember to disinfect the food’s containers, just to play it extra safe.

3. Browse the outside world online

Staying stuck at home is a major productivity killer, and sometimes you just want to lounge around and sleep the night off. With all the time in your hands, you should take advantage of staying stuck at home to see the world while browsing online.

Being confined to the same place every day for the next few months can be a gruelling and tedious routine. Tune in to history documentaries and travel vlogs to know more about the world outside to fill your outdoor cravings


Surviving the monotony of routine is far from easy. However, once you get started in shaking things up a bit, you’ll see that there’s little to no reason to stay bored even when you can’t leave your home.

The advancements of the Internet have made it easier to create, watch, and listen to various forms of media online. Since you have the power to manage your own time while you’re stuck at home, your productivity is only low if you let your boredom take over. 

Finding things to do when you’re bored? Browse through our blogs, activities, and other content to make sure that you’ll never have to deal with boredom again!

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