Is it 404 or Not? A Hilarious Useless Website

Welcome to the latest addition to the useless websites category. is one mans plan to create a centralized location on the Internet that will finally tell you whether the time is  AM or PM.  It was created to provide to the stoners of this world  or any other world that may have access to our internet,  and also has weed, and shares our measurement of time, and police codes, and… …. you get the theme right?

The designer of this crazy project is currently taking The Ultimate Web Design and Development course over at which consists of 23 projects. He is currently about four projects in,  so there is still a lot more fun to be had with this page. Considering this is just one of the many courses that he has already signed up for, he plans to complete many more additions using this 4:20 motif, the craziness will just keep on coming.

So whether you’re a fan of marijuana or unconventional education…

This is the useless website for you!

Thank you to the Matt, the owner of isit420ornot for his submission.  I am sure that we will be seeing a lot more from him in the future

is it 420 or not


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