Waste Your Time On Infinite Wacky Waving

Welcome to the bizarre world of infinite Wacky Waving.  Another completely pointless and useless website that has been added to our vaults.  Start of with one of those Zany wibbly wobbly animations that you can move in line with your mouse or touch screen.  You can then add to the family by simply clicking or tapping the screen.   Keep going until you can’t fit any more of them onto your viewing area.  This is one of those random websites that you simply have to try once, as when you have loads of the Wacky Waving people on your screen you can get them all to dance and move in tandem all it the same time.  Very weird, but very soothing! So if you’re bored, try not to fall asleep.

Infinite wacky waving

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This post is part of the pointless and useless websites category.  Where else would you be able to find little gems such as the real air guitar store and the traffic cone preservation society.   Don’t forget.  We would love to see your suggestions for sites that we can add to our vaults.  Get in touch with us or submit to us what you think we have missed.

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