How to Do The Perfect Bottle Flip

How to do the perfect bottle flip

In 2016, people were starting to get into the video trends of doing “challenges” that were somewhat like chain messages wherein you tagged people who you wanted to see do them. One of these challenges that were extremely popular is the water bottle flipping challenge. Almost everyone would do it whether they were intending to do the challenge or were simply just bored. Little did people know that there are physics and science that are involved in a successful bottle flip. 

For those who want to revive the trend, or simply just master the trade, here are tips on how to flip that bottle like a pro:

Use a 16.9 fl oz (500mL) plastic bottle

These bottles are normally found containing soda or water from any local store. Being able to see the liquid inside is important, which we will explain in a while. Be sure to drink the beverage if you don’t like wasting things, or just dump the contents properly.

Make sure that the bottle has a quarter or a third full of the liquid

This is why a clear bottle is important. You need to be able to see the level of liquid inside easily so that you get the right measurements of water inside the bottle. Drink the bottle to at least a quarter full, or if you like what you’re drinking and you have finished it, fill it with water from the tap afterwards. If you want to be extremely precise, use a measuring cup and fill it with around 4 to 5 and a half fl oz (or roughly 120 to 160 millilitres in metric) of water inside the bottle. 

Be sure to not add too much water, as there will be not enough room for it to move back down to the bottom of the bottle mid-flip, while too little will cause the bottle to flip too fast. The perfect amount will make it easier to land a great flip.

Find a flat surface

The surface should be flat so that the bottle thrown can land easily. If you want to use the floor, you can sit down cross-legged on a hard floor and toss the bottle in front of you. As long as the surface is sturdy and flat, bottle flipping should be easy.

Techniques for flipping the bottle

Use your fingers to grip the bottle’s neck near the cap area and grip it tightly. Your hand should look like a claw with your fingers pointing downwards. After that, you will want to flick your wrist upwards and away while continuing to grip the bottle and releasing it in a timely fashion. Do not move your arm and keep all movement from the wrist. 

When the bottle’s base is in the air, that is when you release the bottle. After this is when you watch it do a single rotation in the air and land on its bottom. This process should be practised until you perfect it, and trust us, it is easier than it seems!


While the videos you have seen on the internet are extremely creative and seem insanely hard to do, these people have likely done a run through hundreds of times, while practising extra hard off-camera. Practice hard until you perfect the basics, then move on to more complicated variations. Practice makes perfect!

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