Creating an Environment to Combat Boredom

Combat Boredom

Your environment plays a huge role in your energy levels and entertainment. We all know how boring it feels when you are trapped in a classroom, or nowadays when you are simply trapped at home doing the same trivial things. The trick to avoiding boredom and boring moments is to create an environment that minimizes these feelings. By tricking your mind into having a better point of view on the environment and a proper reaction to boredom, you will be able to have more entertaining days.

A Few Strategies To Attempt Daily

Undoubtedly, willpower dissipates extremely quickly, and when you are faced with a boring task for the day, it is best to focus on this boring task as soon as possible. This prevents boredom from taking over because once the task is completed, you will have more time to do the things you want to do later in the day.

Another method that works for many is to reward even the slightest and most trivial accomplishments. This does not mean buying something big or even buying anything at all. It could be rewarding yourself for getting out of bed by having a cup of coffee or cooking yourself some comfort food. It can be inexpensive, but it is a sure way to beat getting bored with the usual daily tasks. 

Playing music helps make working or studying less boring and stressful, as you can often sing along to your favorite artists and just have a good time. Having the right music for the right time can make the atmosphere around less boring. 

Additionally, find time to change the scenery from the usual environments you frequent. Studying and working day in and day out in the same space gets mundane fast. Finding a new spot in your home to work in, or stepping out to head to a library or coffee shop can offer something new and perhaps make you more productive.

Stimulate Your Short Attention Span

When you feel like your attention span is floating and you cannot seem to get anything done, perhaps you should step back from work for a bit and do something enjoyable. Perhaps pull out paper and doodle, toy with a fidget toy, or play a game on your phone for a few minutes to scratch the itch of doing something fun. Be sure to get back to work ASAP to prevent yourself from spiraling down the rabbit hole of doing fun things instead of the task at hand.

Challenge Your Thoughts And Behaviors

When you are aware that you are bored and that you have resulted to slacking off or getting distracted, challenge these actions by thinking constantly about the task at hand. It is difficult at first especially when it is always easier to slack off, but once you force yourself to do something about your laziness, you will be surprised by how strong your brain is. Expect that the feelings are extremely uncomfortable, but remember that some tasks just have to be done, no matter how difficult it is to start.


Creating an environment that is productive and entertaining around you, along with the right mindset to keep improving is integral in getting rid of boredom. When your life is getting dull, try to switch up some aspects of it and do small changes, such as taking a new route home or cooking something new. Small things can make big differences when life seems to be getting mundane.

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