Bored Alot - Avoiding Quarantine Boredom

 A Guide to Having Fun While Stuck at Home

Bored Alot - Avoiding Quarantine Boredom

It’s been ages since we were last able to step outside our doors and enjoy the outside world. The global pandemic is still at large, and it’ll be a long while before we can get back to our outdoor routines. Staying at home for a long time, with little to no social contact, can lead to cabin fever. It’s not our fault if we become a little bit crazy If we’re kept indoors for a month or longer with all the social distancing that the world’s doing right now.

Battling the boredom of cabin fever

Now, we’re not complaining that social distancing is a bad thing. In fact, staying indoors is the least that we can do while front liners are out there fighting the good fight. We should stay put inside our homes both for our own and for others’ safety. But being stuck at home during this quarantine is incredibly dull.

Being unable to go out to watch a movie, hang out at the bar, or even just ride the train is a huge change of pace. To keep boredom away, we’ve listed five activities that are sure to keep your cabin fever away.

1. Learning a new skill

Now that you’re forced to stay indoors, this might finally be the time for you to start taking advantage of the internet’s vast knowledge. If you’ve ever wanted to learn anything from playing an instrument to cooking a recipe, now’s the best time to open those saved bookmarks of those DIY videos.

2. Create and consume content

Staying productive during quarantine is an excellent way to beat boredom. Write a poem, compose a song, paint a painting, and maybe get started on that novel you’ve been pushing back for so long.

Creating things isn’t the only thing that you can do to stay productive. Reading a book or watching others in their craft can give you the motivation and inspiration to finish your own creative output. Binge that series, watch that film analysis, and listen to that podcast. But don’t forget to take breaks in between so your mind won’t hurt from the information overload.

3. Watch a movie with friends

If you’re itching to watch a film and hang out with the gang, there’s still a way to watch as a group while still observing social distancing. Screen sharing and watch parties are a great way to pass the time, from binging movie trilogies with your pals to watching a rom-com flick on Netflix with your partner.

4. Get your body moving

Though it’s painful to admit, you might’ve gained a few pounds from the last time you’ve felt sunlight on your skin. The inactivity of staying indoors is to blame for your less-than-optimal look. It’s time for you to get in shape again.

Thankfully enough, you don’t need to have a fully loaded home gym or even a working treadmill in your home to exercise indoors. There are hundreds of bodyweight and core workout videos on the internet that can help you get in shape without the use of expensive gym gear.

5. Catch up on family

Being stuck at home is a common cause of being homesick. Add variety to your daily routine by checking up on your relatives on how they’re doing during this crisis. It’s essential to keep our loved ones updated even when we can’t be with them. Besides, if they start to nag you a little too much, you can always blame lousy internet connection and end the call.



Surviving this pandemic is more than just about staying safe from the disease, it’s also about finding things to do when you’re bored. Boredom is a productivity killer, but with the many things that we can do in the comfort of our homes, thanks to modern connectivity, we should be able to manage to make the most out of this quarantine.

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