6 Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities for a Bored Family

Summer Activities for a Bored Family

When the kids are home for the summer, tensions may rise if boredom isn’t dealt with. While it can be tempting to let children just scroll away on their devices when they’re bored, this may form an unhealthy reliance on screens and social media. 

Sometimes, you do need to mix it up when it comes to keeping your kids entertained when they’re bored, so here are a few things you can do, either indoors or outdoors, with your kids during the summer:

Indoor Games

Summer Activities for a Bored Family

1. Board game night


In 2020, there are board games and card games of every flavor, in every genre, and of varying levels of difficulty. Playtime can vary from 45 minutes to hours on end. There are games for only 2 players (even just 1 player) and games for up to 25 players. And it doesn’t even have to be competitive; there are just as many cooperative games as there are competitive games out there. 

Additionally, board games can facilitate teamwork and conflict resolution, the development of logical and motor skills, and are just a lot of fun!

2.The Spider Game


All you need is some painter’s tape, and you can play the spider game. Create a spiderweb pattern in a hallway or doorway. You can now recreate a monster chase scene for your kids, where they have to sneak through the web, or you can just create a fun game where they throw stuff at the web to see how much they can get to stick.

Just make sure to clear the hallway of any breakable items or furniture that could cause injuries.

3.Snack Day


A special day of the week or month could be dedicated to enjoying adorable but delicious snacks with the family. Not only that, but even the kids could be part of the preparation process. 

We’ve all heard of octopus hotdogs, but there are plenty of recipes out there you could try with your family. You could put candy fish in shots of Jell-O for a fun dessert, you could set about creating a cute little gummy kingdom with gummy bears and gummy worms, and you could use any of the countless cupcake recipes on the internet.

Outdoor Games

1.Nerf War


You could divide the household into two teams and participate in an all-out epic battle with Nerf guns. This could even be more fun in a wilderness or wooded area, where you could recreate awesome action sequences with your family. Just make sure you all wear safety goggles (or if you want to look cool, shades).

2. Paint Balloon Art


This is a wonderful way to create art with your family. You could lay out a large tarp or canvass, and fill a bunch of small balloons with diluted poster paint. You can then put on some jumpers and goggles and spend a day creating your family’s chaotic masterpiece, which you can even hang up once dry.

Just make sure to avoid throwing the balloons at anything that may stain.

3. Backyard Camping


Nothing beats roasting marshmallows over a fire while sharing cups of hot chocolate. While a fire in your backyard might be out of the question, you could just as easily set up a grill in the middle of your backyard and pretend it’s a campfire.

Coupled with some fun campfire songs, scary stories, tents, and sleeping bags, backyard camping could be a totally fun and totally safe activity for the whole family.


If you use your imagination, there are endless ways to deal with boredom as a family. These are just some of the things you can do when you’re bored, but if you put your mind to it, there is no limit to the possibilities. 

For more things to do when you’re bored, check us out at Bored Alot. We have a lot of activities for people of all ages and all backgrounds!

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