Bored Alot - COVID-19 Lockdown Diaries_ 5 Simple Ways to Cope With Boredom

5 Simple Ways to Cope With Boredom

Staying stuck at home is now the new norm, especially since it’s the only way to reduce the risk of infection and flatten the COVID-19 curve. Although it’s for the greater good, being inside for days and months on end can leave you feeling a little stir-crazy, or at the very least, feeling bored.  Lauren Murray, a clinical psychologist at Johns Hopkins University, postulates that human beings are unable to cope with endless free time stuck at home, unsure of what they should do. Living in a world of progress and restlessness, the abrupt stop to daily routines has left us at an unpredictable time. In other words, people have always been on the go—what do you now with all this free time?
Fortunately, you’re not expected to write the next revolutionary novel nor discover the lost world of Atlantis. There’s much to worry about and do, but if you’re looking for a little more structure back in your routine, here are five ways you can cope with boredom during the quarantine lockdow

1 - Remind yourself why this is important

Unfortunately, people prefer to always do something over nothing. You’re already well aware
that staying at home mitigates the transmission of the coronavirus—your active participation in social isolation and distancing is saving lives. Despite its obvious significance, it may not always feel that way.

As with any emotion, boredom is directed towards whatever is on your mind at the moment.
From there, we can gather that staying at home can be meaningful if we’re actively thinking
about its significance. Reflect on how and why the quarantine is important and find meaning in the isolation.

2 - Try to cook something different

With restaurants closed, it’ll be a while before you’d be able to enjoy a platter of fried chicken,
waffles, and fries on the side, right? If you’re willing, you can definitely make the same dish at
home. You have the time and nowhere to be, so look up a recipe online. There are no more
excuses. Regardless of the cooking time and difficulty level (Waffles can be tricky to pull off!),
you now have all the time in the world to challenge yourself culinarily. While you’re at it, cook
something up for your family, too!

3 - Go for a walk

Going outside is highly discouraged during this pandemic, but if possible, try to go out for a
walk. It counts not only as physical activity, as it provides you with plenty of mental health
benefits, too. Studies show that a brisk walk encourages creativity and boosts your energy
levels. It counters feelings of boredom and dread, which is much needed at a time where
collective trauma is unfolding around the world. If you can’t walk outdoors, take a stroll indoors. If you’re lucky to have access to the outside world, make sure to stay at least six feet away from other people!

4 - Try yoga

Working from home can be glorious, but staying crouched in front of your desk for hours at a
time can leave you feeling stiff. If you feel your back aching, consider doing some yoga. It holds plenty of benefits, such as lowering stress, boosting your mood, and even curbing the effects of anxiety. You don’t need a yoga class to do yoga—look up online yoga classes and perform them in the comfort of your own home

5 - Connect with friends and family

In the digital age, connecting with others is easier now more than ever. If you’re lucky enough
not to be quarantined alone, remember to spend time with your family. Cook dinner, watch
movies, and share a few laughs. If not, you can still spend time with others through social
media. It’s easy to feel alone now more than ever, so take that extra leap and stay connected.


These are trying times and the end of the pandemic still remains to be seen. Countries all over the world are on lockdown and countless others like you are stuck in their homes, trying to fight boredom and anxiety. Perhaps there’s something comforting about that, but if you’re in need of ideas on things to do when you’re bored, remember our tips above!
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