3 Exciting Things to Do Online When You're Bored - Our Guide

There are days where boredom strikes unexpectedly, especially when you’ve been doing the same routine for hours-on-end. When dull moments hit you, people across the world would do anything to kill time and inject some high-octane energy to change the mood. 

The internet is a massive landscape that offers endless scrolls, pages, and links for fun, that makes your imagination set the limits when it comes to surfing the web. Even though there is unlimited content online, finding the best ones that would slay your boredom isn’t as straightforward as a click of a button. 

We know what frustration feels like, that’s why we’ve created a list that can help you get a move on from this brain drain with these tips!

Tip #1: Flash Back to the Past by Playing Flash-Based Games Online!

things to do when you're bored

Boredom can hit wherever you are – be it in the office, at your home, library, and anywhere in between. If you’re looking to wake your sleepy brain and roll with the punches, one way to freshen up is to flashback to the past by playing flash-based games in sites like Newgrounds, Adult Swim, Miniclip, and more! 

It offers a quick, nostalgic entertainment where you can try on games of every genre – from arcade to puzzle, and shooting to adventure. They offer a quirky balance between colorful, engaging animations to challenging gameplay. 

Tip #2: Listen to Podcasts

Google I'm Bored

Video content will always be king in this digitally-oriented era, but a new medium is stealing the spotlight as the trend brings an emergence of podcasts left and right. 

It’s an excellent source of entertainment that can cater to different audiences, personalities, and interests – from educational stories, mystery talks, best real crimes, incredible true stories, to productivity podcasts. 

Since you can download most podcasts for offline listening, it’s a fun way to keep your mind active during long commutes, in the middle of chores, or waiting for an appointment.

Tip #3: Get Lost in the Rabbit Hole Called Reddit

slay your boredom

If all else is said and done, but you’re still feeling bored to your core, what better way than to take a virtual leap and go down the rabbit hole that is Reddit? 9GAG was once a source of memes and internet discussion, but now it’s replaced by an even bigger fish in the digital sea.

With that in mind, Reddit is home to a verdant hub of thousands of user-made communities where you can get LOLs for memes from basic to dank or discuss ideas about any topic under the sun by creating subreddits.

The Bottom Line

If you’re Googling “I’m Bored” and find yourself unsatisfied with the listicles coming up, then you may need a more potent medicine to cure your boredom. In that regard, we’re here to help you get fresh and weird content from all parts of the internet under one roof, so you won’t have to scroll through pages on Google looking for some quick fun! 

Looking for things to do when you’re bored? If you’re looking to have some fun online and take a break from your routine, browse our site for some of the funniest, weirdest, and exciting content to alleviate your boredom!

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